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Alice Cooper - The Eyes Of Alice Cooper

=Staff's pick

What Do You Want From Me*
Between High School & Old School
Man Of The Year
Bye Bye, Baby
Be With You Awhile
Detroit City*
Spirits Rebellious*
This House Is Haunted*
Love Should Never Feel Like This*
The Song That Didn't Rhyme
I'm So Angry*
Backyard Brawl

Genre Hard Rock
Alice Cooper
Tracks 13
Eric Dover
Runningtime 45 Min.
Ryan Roxie
Label Spitfire Records
Chuck Garric
Release 22 Sep. 2003
Eric Singer
Country USA
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Vincent Furnier or Alice Cooper as we have come to known him as is hardly a newcomer to the scene, he has been around for more than three decades and throughout the years done music of different quality. But one thing you always can be counting on is that when it comes to live shows he is the number one horror rocker.

Back in 1994 Alice Cooper released The Last Temptation, an album that at some points searched back to his roots from the seventies and I felt that being a fresh breath after the easy-listening on the border of being to commercial albums Thrash (1989) and Hey Stoopid (1991). The Last Temptation failed success and with that followed Brutal Planet (2001), Alice was more evil and angry than ever before with this for him brutal album and the anger held on with Dragontown (2001) as well.

On The Eyes Of Alice Cooper he has rediscovered the joy in music and with the energy and sincerity this feels just like the album he has always wanted to do. It is an up to date form of hard rock rooted in the seventies but with the production the sound feels modern and fresh. And I am thrilled that he has went back to the past times again, Thrash and Hey Stoopid were great albums at the time but it wouldn't work to do another album similar to them, they have too much of that time and music climate in them in order to work today.

Poison and Bed of Nails are classic Cooper tracks for that time but if they had been released today, would you have cared? I Think the same goes for Brutal Planet and Dragontown, the anger and frustration on those albums was suitable for the time being, but musically it really doesnt fit Alice Cooper in the long run. So at least I am pleased to hear his return to the seventies sound, but would there have been any other way to go really?

The use of horns in some tracks on the album really helps to get a groove going, really enjoying it in Detroit Rock City that has a guest appearance by Wayne Kramer from the legendary band MC 5. The flow in What Do You Want From Me and the drum rhythm driven Spirits Rebellious lands as my favourites together with This House Is Haunted that gives you the creepy feeling of theatrical horror show, even if they don't sticks out that much from the others. In fact none of the tracks really sticks out, all are good, some are better but none are really fantastic.

I know that I have been mentioning the seventies a lot here and just to clarify my self a bit I don't mean that all Alice Cooper did during that time was good, there is also much from that time that he has done that is terrible, but nevertheless many of the most classic Cooper tracks hails from that time. And I further don't mean that all of the tracks on The Eyes Of Alice Cooper could be picked right out the seventies, some are more modern than that but the overarching feeling I get is that they are at least rooted in that era in some way. Just wanted to set things straight, I hope I didn't messed with you brain too much there.

The musicians on this album make a great effort, perhaps the music isn't that challenging to perform but they make the feeling of being a real band rather than just being studio musicians. Guitarist Ryan Roxie has been with Alice Cooper since 1996 and Eric Singer (Kiss) played on Brutal Planet as the others are new to the band, but that doesnt stop them from creating a great live vibe for The Eyes Of Alice Cooper, an album that I think should apply to most of the fans.

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8 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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