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Armory - The Dawn Of Enlightenment

Published February 12 2008

=Staff's pick

The Tempest
Faith In Steel*
Riding The Cosmic Winds
Forever Triumphant
Heart Of Dreams*
Warrior Forlorn*
Forged In Dragon Flames
The Eyes Of Time*
Mystic Star*
The Dawn Of Enlightenment*
Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden Cover)
Dr. Willy (Instrumental)

Genre Power Metal
Adam Kurland
Tracks 12
Chad Fisher
Runningtime 64 Min.
Joe Kurland
Label Self Released
Tom Preziosi
Release 18 Dec. 2007
Joe Kurland
Country USA
Peter Rutcho
Similar artists Apocrypha, Cellador, Edguy

Us Americans idol too much pop fodder. I asseverate that when it comes to fine music appreciation, today's youth have become indolent and ignorant. If one were to estimate our musical awareness based on Billboard Magazine or the Grammys, we would appear as the deaf jamboree of obsequious servants, voraciously devouring the flavour of the weak.

Too many so-called metal acts whom we endure, are ensconced in the the milieu of hardcore rap attrition, or death-like violence. Only a select remnant of true mettle hearts dare to create Power Metal Majesty on these shores of sing song. This disconsolate irony is rife, given that labels like Metal Blade and Roadrunner once promoted several 80's American artists, who essentially established the standard, and set the precedent. Today, these Metal functionaries sign too many comparative acts, thus becoming completely oblivious to real talent; thereby making a mock spectacle of what they once achieved.

Thankfully, I have faith in US steel. There are several reputable groups following their heart and dreams. Whether it be Cellador, Eternal Legacy, Engage, or other dedicated contenders, my hopes remain high, and forever triumphant. Next to compete, Townsend, Massachusetts based Armory ascend, riding the cosmic winds of destination.

These exuberant enthusiasts initiated their journey while still in High School in 2001. As friends of all things metal, they reembodied their ambitions to create the ten song demo: The Dawn Of Enlightenment. Brothers Adam and Joe Kurland worked with guitarist Chad Fisher for almost three years to manifest this reality. Unfortunately, timing is everything, and neither the band nor the fans really appreciated the final product. Thus, in 2005 they re-entered the studio to re-record the album with local producer/engineer Peter Rutcho, who then agreed to join as their keyboardist. All vocal melodies were reworked, revised, and redacted as the songs were re-structured. Joe laid down all the drum tracks, but Tom Vieira has since joined as a stable member.

Finally around Christmas time 2007, the new version of The Dawn Of Enlightenment was released, this time including an Iron Maiden cover, and an instrumental version of the Nintendo game song Dr. Willy from Mega Man 2. Forged in the dragon flames, this metal monster is armed to the teeth!

The Tempest storms the apocalypse with two minutes to ignite before bleeding into the blistering Faith In Steel. Immediately the zealous listener feels he is following the mystic star back to the time when Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, and Stratovarius once accelerated and attentuated the drama. Forever Triumphant mitigates the lightning pace on a sojourn back to Avantasia. Vocalist Adam Kurd characteristically channels Tobias Sammet, with a penchant nuance for Bruce Dickinson.

Eyes of Time changes up the stream of consciousness with almost a videogamesque quality. The guitar transitions here remind me of Apocrypha's Tony Fredianelli's forgotten scrawl. The lyrics all throughout also have a real epistomological personification. Brother Jason Kurland contributed his wistful expressions to the overall fantastic, metaphysical themes. This becomes evidenced by the 13 minute epic title track; which clearly approbates influences from Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, & Dream Theater, thereby preserving the sacred keys of Helloween. As the mellifluous epic unfolds with a haunting mist of harmony and elation, the listener becomes surrounded in the enlightened wealth of true talent and artisan.

Every bountiful bite of Boston based cream pie really satiates my spiritual appetite. There are so many melding, melodic solos pristinely performed. This is definitely an all out armored assault. Joe and Chad have the potential to be the next Kai Hansen & Henjo Richter. Tom Preziosi even has that Dirk Schlächter outlandish basic intent. Other influences which are detectable include Lost Horizon, Sonata Arctica, Angra, and Rhapsody; with a hint of Children of Bodom. Although there are absolutely no harsh vocals present; assiduous increments of melodic death metal are articulated.

The only downside to this glorious effort is the simplistic packaging with just a fold-over booklet of lyrics and photos; but in a digital age, this is definitely worth purchasing from their own site www.faithinsteel.com. To quote the bands themselves, "At last we have returned through timeless ages in a quest for truth, while fighting to seek answers to life's epic questions, we abandoned the lies of others to discover our own way...".








8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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