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Estuary - The Craft Of Contradiction

Published April 15 2007

=Staff's pick

Enduring The Illusion
Creation Damnation
Lies Of Promise*
Trans-Dimensional Scourge
A Disease Called Dogma*
Heirs To The Throne Of Fear
Cleansed Of All Wisdom*
Belief Addictions
Frailty In Numbers*
Cardinal Points To Die Upon

Genre Thrash/Melodic Death Metal
Zdenka Prado
Tracks 10
Ash Thomas
Runningtime 46 Min.
Brad Howard
Label Ibex Moon Records
Steve Eberl
Release 10 April 2007
Jesse Wilson
Country USA
Similar artists Arch Enemy, Massacre, Onward

Estuary have been enduring the delusion and daft contradictions for many a day. Too often they have had to ride tides of malice and malaise, depleted, drained, or in debt. Following on a trail, fraught with dismay and inane ineptitude, they have been merely painting by numbers, just to subsist.

Estuary are reconciled and ready to recapitulate. They stand fortified and willing to vanquish the crass deferential scourge of insincerity. This is simply because, finally they have been cleansed of all winsome worry. These heirs to the throne of ferocity and vivacity caustically conquer through sheer endurance and metal aptitude.

Estuary have written an album which truly exudes seriosity. Their fluid melodies of sarcastic wit and biting promise will elevate fans through avidity and lust, as the CD is played over and over again, with chronic indulgence and caloric fervour.

Estuary sound the death metal knell by formulating nodes and notes of anguish and fever. This unruly alliance of non-compromising musicianship may have been subjugated to an unholy trinity; but all three modest members zealously exist to exhibit their manifold talents.

Estuary guitarist extraordinaire - Ash Thomas - insinuates mortal dread, while he shreds with sarcastic and gut-wrenching riffs, which are balanced by serenely engaged solos. Jesse Wilson tethers and textures his drum snares and pounding anthems with dynamic dexterity and percolating grit. Zdenka Prado - the adrogynous sacred feminine - assuages with brutal litigations and a diseased culled dogmatic deliverance.

Estuary realize their paragon of influence, and ooze with a bloodstained, blatant discrepancy of tremorous talent. This skill with pleasure creates torpid damnation. Every song thematically melds deftly suggestions of death, with melodic incandescent cadence. The CD spirals into perfection with the pernicious, and ambitious instrumental opener - Enduring The Illusion, ensuring the allusion. Once this vehicle of vehemence speeds into gear, it begins viciously tearing apart the skin and soul, with flagellations of immense, intense, suspense. Each excoriated slice of fleshed out metal is emblazened with stunning alacrity.

Estuary's Creation Damnation is full of decaying ideology, while Lies Of Promise slams with an arthritic, ardurous complexity, challenging the lives of the prominent into obeisance. Trans-Dimensional Scourge evokes an insane whiplash effect, riding the lightning, through scorching guitar antics..

Estuary infect with A Disease Called Dogma; while Heirs To The Throne Of Fear fulminates with a fulminant thrashing tradition. Frailty In Numbers, co-written by Brad Howard, incorporates those stampeding and impending gallops associated with the apocalyptic writers.

Estuary explore religious oppression and related actions, through such songs as Belief Addictions and Cleansed Of All Wisdom. These lyrics are inscribed in the flesh of the ages: "Wisdom a virtue better unknown...what is true has no value when what's believed has taken hold...". This level of introspection nuanced by Zdenka's style is at times similar to the insipid vocals of Massacre's Kam Lee from beyond. All these suppressed mysteries now unveiled, delineate an elusive cardinal point, to rely upon one's own insight and vision.

Estuary retaliate via a dutiful expression of mettle and magnitude. Estuary calculate the calamity and promulgate with an active, ativistic edge, by means of this prolifigate ceremony of opposites. Therefore, they ultimately succeed through intercession. They do this by upholding degreess of integrity that exist to resist and endure. This is their craft of persistent determination.

Estuary will placate all fans of thrashing speed metal. Most melodic death metal connisseurs will find this band truly appealing, as well. Even Zdenka's emaciated throat culture at times aligns with a certain trend of tolerance, for the unitiated. I am grateful to the band for providing me with lyrics, in order to assist with my review, nonetheless.

Estuary and Ibex Moon Records are offering a remarkable deal for a limited time only! So be one of the first enthusiastic 100 thrashers to pre-order this digipack, and you will also receive a patch, pin, and signed poster with the incredible artwork by Tony Khoel, from a concept by Ash himself. 25 copies will be available directly from the band, and 75 from the label. He who hesitates is lost to apathy.

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