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Assassin - The Club

=Staff's pick

The Club
No Fear
Raging Mob
Not With Us
Psycho Terror
Go Insane
Real Friends
The Price Of Power
Thunder And Lightining
Jintian Shenduo
I Swear

Genre Speed/Thrash Metal
Robert Gonella
Tracks 12
Jurgen Scholz
Runningtime 55 Min.
Michael Hoffman
Label Steamhammer
Ufo Walter
Release 18 April 2006
Frank Nellen
Country Germany
Similar artists Kreator, Coroner, Celtic Frost

Attention all Assassin fans, avoid this upcoming terribly hindered stale - art experience. Oh, to be fair, for those who excoriate my expertise, you may want to read between the lies, so that I don't sound stingy on this review. I am always pleased when a classic 80's band decides to reform; especially when it's a thrash band from Germany. Imagine my initial elation when I discovered that Dusseldorf's Assassin had reunited. I instantly endeavored to seek out and become a member of the club. After being initiated into their latest release, it's disheartening that I report that this CD is a total disappointment. I'm no nemesis to noise, but their latest axe offering is almost 60 minutes of inchoate clamour, and a barrage of banter from this raging mob who have remained real friends. Listening to this CD is like surviving the psycho terror of an abstract war in a strange world. Better yet it's like, indulging upon a strict diet of junk food. I swear the only pipeline to their past is found on the album's namesake. Another tolerable track is their take on Thin Lizzy's Thunder and Lightining, but I prefer Gothic Slam's rendition.

In the 80's I would go insane to attain anything Assassin related. I paid mega-bucks for a shoddy bootleg Upcoming Terror t-shirt. Thankfully, do to the price of power, in my defense, I wasn't compelled to shell out too much for their latest release which is a holy terror. This forbidden reality forsakes those bullet riffs once played at the speed of light. Most thrashers enjoyed Assassin's debut, but not their follow up The Interstellar Experience. I remember being so excited purchasing their sophomore effort on cassette for $10. Then many years later, I finally found it on CD I must have received a defective copy though for when I played it in my CD player, it sounded just like a vacuum cleaner. Eventually I tracked down a decent copy and my friend hooked me up with the remaster of their debut on CD. So I was thrilled when The Club finally arrived and I sat down to play it, I think I prefer the vacuum cleaner. I just can't recommend this to thrashers at all. It's more tolerable than, say, Apiary; since guitarist Michael "Micha" Hoffman still performs some excellent leads, but without him this band would be better off dead. The last man listening to this CD would be from the AGD shouting "Go - fight - kill - ass - ass - in!", as he brandishes his club gleefully smashing all copies of this on CD then gracefully, with no fear, screaming baka!






4,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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