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Vilefuck - The Beast Within

Published Nov. 12 2006

=Staff's pick

Thrash And Destroy
Cast Down From The Throne
The Beast Within*
Unstoppable Force*

Genre Thrash Metal
Tracks 6
Runningtime 21 Min.
Release June 2006
Country Sweden
Similar artists Slayer, Kreator, Exodus

The Beast Within is the third demo from the swedish thrashers in Vilefuck, hailing from the town of Västerås. The band formed in 2004 but the current setting didn't take form until the spring of 2006 and in June this demo was recorded. Vilefuck deliver thrash, and by just looking at the song titles you get a nice idea on how this sounds, it is raw, brutal, fast, yet melodic and without any chance of compromise in sight.

First song out, Thrash And Destroy, is a fast and brutal attack that nails you to your seat. We are dealing with old-school thrash with angrily screaming vocals, but still they manage to include a melodic sense with both vocal-line and the furious guitars that give a nice touch to their sound. And this goes for all songs, as well as Cast Down From The Throne that on the other hand is a more restrained song that is held back in tempo compared with the opener. It goes along with a nice Bay Area groove that is reminding me of Exodus and Slayer.

The title track The Beast Within is a straightforward march with an ongoing rhythm. Some great riffing in this old-school thrash hammer carries the song forward. Last song on this demo is the ass kicker Unstoppable Force, it is fast and aggressive and the vocals are not that far from Mille Petrozza. With the furious start, it reminds me of Gung-Ho from Anthrax while the guitars and song-structures confirm once again that Vilefuck uses Kreator as influence.

The songs might differ a little from each other but the sound is overall kept intact and Vilefuck never spread too far and keep it all together with a homogenous touch and this is old-school thrash the way it is supposed to be. I don't know if that was what they intended with the production as well, but that is how it sounds. Not the best sound on this demo, but more of a suiting old school sound. Vilefuck got their gear under control, but more distinct solo parts and more harmonies from the guitars should be the right thing for these guys.

This is good, however it is far from perfection. The songs kick ass and if you are a friend of thrash this will get you banging, but the songs could use some more profile in order to make a lasting impression.






5,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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