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Evildoer - Terror Audio

=Staff's pick

Please Lord
By The Flag
Fear Dot Gow*
Day Of Torment
Gunshell Revenge
Right Hand Servant*
On Bleeding Knees*
The Deviant
Ten Times The Pain
Absolute Hate*
Die Now!

Genre Death/Thrash Metal
Tracks 11
Runningtime 38 Min.
Label Scarlet Records
Release 12 Sept. 2005
Country Sweden
Similar artists Carnal Forge, The Haunted

Ever felt that you wanted to trash something badly? Meaningless aggression against dead material things? After some hours of non stop television gaming without result I surely get frustrated and, well... the controllers seem to get wings and like kamikaze pilots they get demolished, one by one. Instead of expensive anger management programs there are luckily for some of us other ways to deal with anger. You know the kind of feeling that just can't be swallowed and put away. Maybe Evildoer has what it takes to get those aggressive individuals of us out there, to relax and sit down and get the terror out of the audio instead. A lot cheaper than demolished parts to the tv, video, remote controls or whatever may lay in an arm length distance when the hate sets in.

Aggression is the keyword, the mantra over Evildoers debut album Terror Audio. Released on Scarlet Records, a label that seems to have a weakness for swedish death/thrash in its purest form. Even though Evildoer hails from Gothenburg, the promised land of metal with a soft touch, there aren't many soft vibes on Terror Audio. Actually there is very little of the Gothenburg sound on this recording. The melody making are more varied and darker than it use to be when it's about death-touched thrash like this. From the first track By The Flag, it's more straight a head and forward. Like getting from A to B in fastest and hardest way. Good portions of booth grind and blast fit the music like a glove. Even though it's quite fast there are many technical parts that are webbed very intelligent together. The excellent snare part in the beginning of the Right Hand Servant is really cruel, intensive riffing that always seem to lead the music in the right direction. Luckily this album is almost free from meaningless transportation parts. The vocals from Andy, who is also in the band Within Y, are ok. Traditional when it comes to this type of music, but I can feel that a darker and a bit more powerful way of singing would have done just fine for this album. But it's ok. Songs that stand out are the excellent Right Hand Servant, On Bleeding Knees and the malicious Absolute Hate. Well mixed but I would prefer a heavier production since the music is so mean and stuffed with aggression.

Well, that's the positive aspects on this album. The negative ones are that I wonder if this genre isn't overfed at this moment. Absolutely no problem for Evildoer as they do their thing well, but considering that it's easy to disappear in the grey mass that dwells in this genre and not getting the well deserved attention.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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