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Flesh - Temple Of Whores

Published Dec. 13 2006

=Staff's pick

Temple Of Whores
Taste The Devil's Blood
Visions Of Damnation*
Rotten Through The Skin*
Baptised On The Demon's Throne*
Grotesque Infection
Spirits Reborn In Chaos
Invisible Darkness

Genre Thrash/Death Metal
Pete Flesh
Tracks 9
Pete Flesh
Runningtime 40 Min.
Label Iron Fist
Pete Flesh
Release 21 Oct. 2006
Country Sweden
Similar artists Deciever, Maze Of Torment

Why the need for a solo thrash/death project, one can wonder. But here Pete Flesh (Deceiver, Thrown ex. Maze Of Torment) controls everything himself (with a little help with the drums). It is classic old brutality from the time when thrash spilled over to death, with a touch of grind. That means that the riffs are fast and monotonous. That also means that it never become more fun than the first track. You need to be in a special aggressive mood to put this on and stay with it for a whole record. As Flesh writes on his website, this is for "the morbids and the obscure". But he also writes about how he has the full possibilities for his creativity in Flesh, to put in things that is normally not included in this kind of music. Exactly how this creativity takes its form, he forgot to mention. I cannot help you I'm afraid.

On the first couple of tracks there is not a single riff or melody that is catching attention as anything else than standard brutality. Visions Of Damnation and Rotten Through The Skin has that special groove, and a couple of tempo changes, that can make thrash more dynamic. Baptised On The Demon's Throne however has a bit of melody in its riffing, and solos. But after that it's down to the basic again, and I feel a headache grow. Fortunately the relief comes after only 40 minutes. Silence can be a wonderful thing.






4 chalices of 10 - David

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