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Dark Moor - Tarot

Published April 02 2007

=Staff's pick

The Magician
The Chariot*
The Star
Wheel Of Fortune
The Emperor*
Devil In The Tower*
The Hanged Man
The Moon*
The Fool (bonus track)

Genre Symphonic Power Metal
Alfred Romero
Tracks 11
Enrik Garcia
Runningtime 57 Min.
Label Scarlet Records
Dani Fernandez
Release 21 Feb. 2007
Roberto Cappa
Country Spain
Similar artists Kamelot, Evil Masquerade, Twilight

True action requires ongoing thought; while creativity is continuous. Grand our deeds are when we think and do good things. Behold the hierophant and the great mystery of goddess. Heed the call of golden dreams of death and delight. The hidden gnosis knows this. Beyond the secrets of the world, wisdom waits. This is the noble quest for the eternal flame of passion and providence. Miracles exist when you heal your memories . Dark Moor appeal to the fool in us all, to merely lighten up.

Too many of us misguided souls fear the impending day of wrath. We pray to the hanged man - our savior? - to absolve us of our transgressions. Some of us summon the devil in the tower to torment. This dark mordant emperor ascends from hell to cast his shadow and curse of fear. Why do we force the lovers - once hand in hand - to become torn apart by the strange path of destiny? From dawn to dusk, we spin our wheels of misfortune, and infinite regress results. This is the fool's fate: obliviousness and dark mortification of innocence.

Embrace the spectrum of bewilderment - the Major Arcana of timeless Tarot. Dark Moor will help you to discover the meaning of life, rooted in the tree of knowledge. Sing and celebrate the sacred ceremony of sacramental oaths. These sacristans of the elixir of life and grail of invitation, welcome you to their holy tabernacle. Their oracular elegies of temperance fortuitously are depicted in a tapestry of sensible and satin melodies which impress. The ramifications are simple: Expect the unexpected!

That Spaniard of spectacle - the dark mortal magician - Enrik Garcia, and his merry band of dark moribund dancers, sublimely create another jam of precious mettle. They have persevered in the historical tradition by composing an entire album reflecting the spectrum of magick, and the mirror of mystery; which upholds the alchemy of antiquity. This divination of individuation is now their third dynamic deliverance; entertaining the listener with powerful and majestic sonnets of science.

The promising gospel is that the affluent Alfred Romero, who replaced Elisa C. Martin, four year prior, has atttained his own accolades. I really relished the self titled CD; but Beyond The Sea; altogether, simply sunk into the dark mire of mere imitation. One contention was that Alfred emulated Elisa too often, through his epicene enumerations. 2007's Tarot trumps with cardinal points of personification, elucidating the unique enunciations now vocalized eloquently by Mr. Romero, and intuitively integrated. Alfred possesses his own vocal verisimilitude; that at times strikes a chord similar to Roy Khan of Kamelot.

Even though Enrik is the prime solo guitarist, the music remains magnificent. All the trademark classical arrangements and orchestral bombast stilll stridently apply. Godspeed and intensity are incorporated into mystical charms of magniloquence and pulsating pulchritude. The overture for The Magician - a skillful ensemble which leads into The Chariot races with exasperation. The Chariot tearfully erupts with its stupendous transcendence. This highly spirited suggestion serves as a notable selection for the video single. Regrettably, I'm not familiar with the mysterious maiden who duets in dalliance for this selection and others.

Tarot is ultimately exceptional; every canticle vibrates with a pellucid quietus of dark tranquillity. The Star sparkles, The Wheel of Fortune favours the brave, and The Emperor conquers! The Hanged Man hovers over the dark moraine, dank morass; and sun discovered country. Dark Moor reigns supreme. Traditional territory is transversed, while all qualities associated with this band's nomenclature are elevated. Listen to The Devil lavishly yowl with his gruff ageless chant; while the charismatic chorus sing in the round, circumnavigating. When the door of Death swings open, be careful not to fall into the Dungeon of pleasure.

The Lovers - a slow paced ditty - is a delectable epic; truly a titilation of a more venial return for love. Here the hearts beat for a dark morganistic fate. The bonus track foolishly gesticulates the jesters journey, paved with the scandalon of suffering.

Ultimately, The Moon is the magnum opus; a song of munificience and absolute joy. Beethoven's 5th symphony jerks into juxtaposition with an adroit classical application to metal, physically implied by the insanity's crescendo. Just like the dirge - Dies Irae, or the ecstatic Dark Moor, and other adventurous overtures, The Moon shines with an incandescent glory. This dark mortal symphony genuflects and generally reflects all that is pure. Moonlight Sonata arrives in media res, performed by the keeper of the heavenly ivory keys. This transition now portends mystical self awareness. What an awesome occasion avenue of uncommon numinous serendipity. Listen to the libertine nature evolve with the lunar aesthetic.

Dark Moor have eulogized a marriage of masterwork melded with guitarmony. This tableau of synchronous syncopation is neither taciturn, nor reserved in its articulation between light and darkness. All praise received is rightfully merited. All fans who favour the reliquaries of Dark Moor will boast with satisfaction; once the Tarot reading reveals All That Is.

If you are novel to their stark morality - which is never dark, morbid, or insincere; I implore you to ascribe to these knights of honour; musicians and much more! Come climb aboard the dark morose vessel, the song rider awaits in Judas' chariot to carry you through this wonderful experience known as Life; while this writer waits to witness Dark Moor live!

Perhaps you have not heard any of Dark Moor's symphonies, such a shame; nevertheless, fervent fans of Kamelot, Evil Masquerade, Therion, Nightwish, and other like-minded artists, should definitely seek out these wishmasters and tutors of the Tarot.

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