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GloryHammer - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife

Published March 30 2013

=Staff's pick

Anstruther's Dark Prophecy
The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee
Angus McFife
Quest For The Hammer Of Glory*
Magic Dragon
Silent Tears Of Frozen Princess
Amulet Of Justice*
Hail To Crail*
Beneath Cowdenbeath
The Epic Rage Of Furious Thunder

Genre Power Metal
Thomas Winkler
Tracks 10
Paul Templing
Running time 49 Min.
Label Napalm Records
James Cartwright
Release 29 March 2013
Ben Turk
Country UK/Switzerland
Christopher Bowes
Producer Lasse Lammert
Similar artists Rhapsody, DragonForce

A new project featuring Scottish heavy metal pirates Alestorm's Christopher Bowes and Switzerland's Thomas Winkler, with vocal duties also in Emerald. I raised my eyebrows when I found out about Bowes' involvement and I must admit that I thought this was going to be Alestorm 2 to some extent, but when I saw that it was labeled at the band's homepage as Heroic fantasy power metal, I could see what this was coming to.

Sure there are similarities with the mighty pirates, but this album contains more speedy power metal with extremely catchy choruses, performed by a man that actually can sing. On second thought, what would be the point of playing the exact same stuff as you do in your main band?

This record has more of an Italian metal vibe, with epic choirs and loud keyboards. I would call it something like catchy, symphonic and rather epic power metal, because you know we all love to label things into different sections. This release kind of brings me back something like twelve or thirteen years and I'm rather surprised that I like it this much.

Many listeners will presumably dismiss this as a band following the old proven power metal standards and just give it one single shot or less. Those listeners' analysis will stand correct, as this is as groundbreaking as carrying a smartphone nowadays. Yet, there's something in this music that makes my body move and it leaves the impression of something happy and it gets you in a good mood.

Not especially powerful and their talents are more concentrated to pageantry, some occasional speed, harmony leads and a great vocal performance. This effort could easily attach to the epithet of kid's metal, meaning this is something younger metal fans will appreciate. Captivating in a simple way. Songs like Quest For The Hammer Of Glory and Hail To Crail sticks like glue deep down in your bone marrow.

Medieval influenced power metal isn't totally dead obviously and even if I don't see an approaching massive revival for this type of music in the near future, this album, among others, shows that fans to this genre won't be left starving with albums released over a decade ago. 7 well deserved chalices to GloryHammer.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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