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Jorn - Symphonic

Published January 12 2013

=Staff's pick

I Came To Rock
Rock And Roll Children*
The World I See
Burn Your Flame
Man Of The Dark
My Road
Time To Be King
Black Morning
Like Stone In Water
Vision Eyes*
War Of The World*
Behind The Clown
A Thousand Cuts*
The Mob Rules

Genre Symphonic Metal/Hard Rock
Jorn Lande
Tracks 14
Tore Moren
Running time 73 Min.
Jimmy Iversen
Label Frontiers Records
Nic Angileri
Release 25 January 2013
Willy Bendiksen
Country Norway
Producer Jorn Lande
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Additional musicians: Stian Kristoffersen, Mike Terrana (drums), Magnus Rosén, Sid Ringsby, Jan S. Eckert (bass), Ronny Tegner, Axel Mackenrott (keyboard), Jørn Viggo Lofstad, Roland Grapow (guitar). Orchestral arrangements by Lasse Jensen.

Not the first artist to release a hard rock or heavy metal album with added symphonic arrangements and the question is, do we really need another one of these remakes? Lande, in a variety of constellations, however releases an average of over two albums each year, so why not one with orchestral arrangements? If you take a quick look at the tracklist, you will see that this really is no best of compilation and I guess he has picked songs suitable for these symphonic versions instead.

The songs might come out bigger, but on the other hand, the songs sound just fine without these arrangements and I can't really see a good reason to add symphonic elements to songs already recorded in the past, who some are original versions and some are remixes. On and off through the album I like these arrangements, who in no way are bad, but it the end I feel that the songs lose their original true rock and roll feeling and that the added symphony is too loud and it silences the original music.

Some fans will definitely take this album to their hearts, but I believe this release is something for the die-hard fans of Jorn Lande and I recommend people interested in this artist to start with the original recordings before digging into this piece. All in all, good songs who would have been better off in their original versions.

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