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Holy Martyr - Still At War

Published April 25 2007

=Staff's pick

Legion's Oath (March Of The Legionaries)
Vis Et Honor*
Ares Guide My Spear (Hellenic Warrior Spirit)
Hatred Is My Strenght*
From The North Comes The War*
Hadding Garmsson (Son Of A King)
Ave Atque Vale

Genre Heavy Metal
Alex Mereu
Tracks 8
Ivano Spiga
Runningtime 50 Min.
Eros Melis
Label Dragonheart Records
Rob Frau
Release 04 May 2007
Daniele Ferru
Country Italy
Similar artists Manowar, Rhapsody

Debuting Holy Martyr brings on the heavy heritage of a warrior band like Manowar and mix it with the epic sound of Rhapsody. The riff in Vis Et Honour brings ones thought directly to the former (is it Thor The Power Head I'm thinking of?). And a title such as Hatred Is My Strength speaks for itself. Besides from the Manowar influences these Italians of course have got some of their inspiration from the epic and symphonic parts of Rhapsody.

Still At War is a concept album about the ancient Europe and the Roman Legions in particular, creating kind of an image for the band. Not counting the intro, only seven tracks may seem a bit scarce. But on the other hand none of the songs are shorter than five minutes and the end result is 50 minutes long. Holy Martyr has already a big underground fan base, and it will probably grow further with this first official release.

They have managed to keep their music raw and true, through the step to a record deal. As is said in the band biography: Holy Martyr still does not use keyboards and still does not recognize his music with the actual Metal scene, empty and commercial. When I read lines like that I really want this to be the best new band I have heard in years, because the sound, the image and the concept appeals directly to me. But in the end I must admit that the songs are only quite okay. A tune like Warmonger is even quite standard and repetitive. The best track is no doubt From The North Comes The War, with a perfect mix of true metal and catchy hooks.








7 chalices of 10 - David

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