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Fragments Of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon-Chapter III-Black But Shining

=Staff's pick

Carmine Preface (Entrance)
Sterling Black Icon*
Weave Their Barren Path
Dear Floating Water*
Breathe In The Black To See
Ride For A Fall
A Faint Illumination*
Live For The Moment, Stay 'Til The End
Scythe Of Scarecrow
Onward To The Finger Of God
Stand The Tempest
Chambre Noire (Departure)

Genre Death Metal
Sam Anetzberger
Tracks 12
Stefan Weimar
Runningtime 51 Min.
Sascha Ehrich
Label Metal Blade
Wolle Schellenberg
Release 27 March 2006
Ingo Maier
Country Germany
Similar artists In Flames, Entombed

Fragments Of Unbecoming are not ashamed to admit that they have been heavily influenced by the Swedish death metal scene from the 90s. With a piece of Entombed and some pieces of In Flames they have mixed together what they claim to be their own style (of course…). Even if the result does not sound as unique as the band might hope or think, it is still initially slightly above average for the genre. Basically it is melodic death metal with blasting double bass drums. The band works with two vocalists, Sam Anetzberger and Stefan Weimar, who sound confusingly alike in their duets. Neither of them is adding something especially revolutionary to the art of growling though.

The title track sounds a lot like something from Dark Tranquillity's latest release Character. The end of Breathe In The Black To See contains some nice fast double base, something that will be repeated at the end of A Faint Illumination. Dear Floating Water includes the same type of melodies that once made In Flames a great band. However, the songwriting does not keep the record up till the end. The second half of the record goes idle. The melodies are less distinguishable in favour of more raw aggression. In the end, I'm left with more of a negative impression. It sounded promising at first but after a few more rounds, the record is still not growing further.






6 chalices of 10 - David

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