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Vega - Stereo Messiah

Published October 26 2014

=Staff's pick

Stereo Messiah
All Or Nothing
Wherever We Are
Ballad Of The Broken Hearted*
Gonna Need Some Love Tonight*
The Fall*
Neon Heart*
With Both Hands
10 X Bigger Than Love
My Anarchy
The Wild, The Weird, The Wonderful
Tears Never Dry

Genre Melodic Hard Rock
Nick Workman
Tracks 12
Marcus Thurston
Running time 52 Min.
Tom Martin
Label Frontiers Records
Tom Martin
Release 17 October 2014
Dan Chantrey
Country England
James Martin/T. Martin
Producer John Mitchell and Vega
Similar artists ---

Vega's third record generally presents melodic hard rock, which perhaps basically isn't really my type of music. This unit is indeed a band that relies massively on strong choruses with catchy attitudes and nice melodies. In my opinion maybe a little too much, because in my world there's undoubtedly room for more blatant guitar playing and a little more focus on the other parts. Nevertheless they are successful with what they do and although most songs land in mid-tempo, it doesn't feel constrained or repetitive.

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott handles the vocal part on the cover version of that band's 2002 song 10 X Bigger Than Love and I'm not really sure what the purpose of his appearance is, other than his name's attractive force, because I believe that his participation doesn't positively contribute noticeably to the record's overall end result. It's certainly not one of the album's most captivating tracks and it's also a little more direct rocking than the rest of the songs. I also think that the vocals of Nick Workman is quite satisfactory throughout the record and that his passion is strong enough to build emotions unassisted.

I have never listened to this outfit earlier, but anyway I'm undeniably able to find a few songs that totally blow me away and I actually like the middle section of this record the most, with memorable tracks like Ballad Of The Broken Hearted, The Fall and Neon Heart. I would definitely recommend this release to fans of melodic hard rock. It's very captivating from time to time and although I don't find myself shouting the lyrics to each song on a regular basis, I believe that some people will.








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