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Cancer - Spirit In Flames

=Staff's pick

Insides Out*
Mindless Reactions*
Spirit In Flames
Solar Prophecy
Devils Playground

Genre Death Metal
John Walker
Tracks 9
John Walker
Runningtime 39 Min.
David Leitch
Label Copro Records
Release 30 Nov. 2005
Carl Stokes
Country England
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According to the press statement from british death metallers Cancer, seven years have passed since the band had their latest known activities. And it's with their brand new Spirit In Flames that they'll try to conquer the world this time. Well, I'm not so sure about that. Its gone several years since their excellent albums To The Gory End and Death Shall Rise and in my world it's 2005 now and not 1993. Spirit In Flames spins forward were it all ended seven years ago and that is anything else than positive meant. After the bands' glorious era in the early nineties, they started to involve more and more thrash to their old school aggressive way of death metal, well so far so good. But this later lead them into the unknown wasteland of progressive attempts to go mainstream. I would say that Cancer ended up in the very same way that germanys once so fine death squad Morgoth did. Tragedy is not enough...

Spirit In Flames starts quite promising with the catchy Insides Out and the second Mindless Reactions and that's it. The rest of the material on this album isn't bad, but it feels wrong in this package. Solar Prophecy is a good one, with groove enough to make Geezer and Iommi jealous but now we are talking Cancer here and with this follows certain expectations. Especially after reading the press statements from record and distribution company... Big words that promise much and deliver little or nothing. Nowadays I would call Spirit In Flames an attempt to be ordinary or average. Instrumentally or in musical theory its very good but that's another thing. Music is all about feelings or the lack of them in this case. Bleach mid tempo metal with monotone rhythm.

Those of you who dream for a new era with grotesque and delicious tunes that could be heard on To The Gory End can keep on dreaming. Or do the right thing, hold on to the past. This is a disappointment.






4 chalices of 10 - Tim

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