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In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading

Published June 26 2011

=Staff's pick

Sounds Of A Playground Fading*
Deliver Us
All For Me
The Puzzle
Fear Is The Weakness*
Where The Dead Ships Dwell
The Attic
Darker Times*
Enter Tragedy
Jester's Door
A New Dawn*

Genre Melodic Metal
Anders Fridén
Tracks 12
Björn Gelotte
Runningtime 54 Min.
Niclas Engelin
Label Razzia/Century Media
Peter Iwers
Release 15 June 2011
Daniel Svensson
Country Sweden
Producer Roberto Laghi
Similar artists ---

Do you count yourself to those who thought "A Sense Of Purpose" was a bit fatigued? I certainly do, and that record was a bit depressing to listen to, because in it I saw the demise of one of the most interesting bands in the scene. I do not belong to those who thought that "Reroute To Remain" was the first really bad record the band put out - I absolutely loved the thickly layered choruses, which makes me so glad when listening to new "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" which has so much nice harmonies, killer guitar playing and a sense of being so much more thought through than the preceding record.

Following the band online certainly gave the impression that this time around the method of working had completely changed - instead of writing all the music, record it and then include the vocals the band worked more as a unit - and it shows. There are so many really good songs on this record, and the songs contain so much feeling and little niceties that are a pure joy to hear. Granted, In Flames has moved a long way from the way they sounded like on "Clayman" for example - but change has become this group's modus operandi and if you can't live with that - fine, go listen to some other bands, because In Flames couldn't care less, I imagine.

Focusing much more on feel than on satisfying any genrebuffs of the melodic death metalscene you get choruses like that one in Darker Times - for me the best song on the record - that makes the knuckles go white from clenching you fists with emotion, nice little drumfills from Daniel Svensson and the best vocaldelivery from Anders Fridén in bloody years.

But the overwhelming feeling is that In Flames are back with such a conviction displayed in the songs as to nearly make my stereo explode. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong than this.

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7 chalices of 10 - Martin

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