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Mustasch - Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven

Published February 22 2012

=Staff's pick

Speed Metal
The Challenger*
Never Too Late*
Cold Heart Mother Son
Morning Star*
Dead Again
Your Father Must Be Proud Of You
Destroyed By Destruction
I Don't Hate You
Northern Link

Genre Stoner/Heavy Metal
Ralf Gyllenhammar
Tracks 10
Ralf Gyllenhammar
Running time 35 Min.
David Johannesson
Label Gain/Sony Music
Mats "Stam" Johansson
Release 01 February 2012
Danne McKenzie
Country Sweden
Ralf Gyllenhammar
Producer Ralf Gyllenhammar
Similar artists ---

Mustasch is back. A band that gains more and more popularity in their native Sweden, and in other countries for that matter, for every record released. Television appearances in popular music contest shows and crap like that made the non metal fan open their ears for this band and the old fans haven't abandoned them. A great and clever career move I would say. Some controversy and commotion within the band made drummer Danne McKenzie quit before the release of this album. It probably won't be too hard finding a new drummer, as many drummers in Sweden will stand in line to get this gig.

Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven has a mix between early and new as well as heavy and catchy Mustasch songs. Tracks like The Challenger sounds old but still fresh and that song is one of my absolute favorites on the album. We hear their new sound in Your Father Must Be Proud Of You and in Morning Star with its semi-simple riff and with a happy and catchy melody. The opener Speed Metal ends with a cool Black Sabbath influenced solo which must not go away unnoticed. We also find heaviness in Dead Again and Destroyed By Destruction.

Whether they still play stoner or if they have left their roots and nowadays should be called heavy metal, this is a good and a diverse album. Definitely better than their last, self titled release, which by no means was a bad album though. If there is one thing not so good on this record, I would have to say it's lead singer Ralf's accent. He will have to work harder on his English if they want to hit the international charts.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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