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In Battle - Soul Metamorphosis

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Pioneers Of A Dead Future
Dawn Of Darkness*
Soul Metamorphosis*
King God*

Genre Death Metal
Odhinn Sandin
Tracks 4
John Frölen
Runningtime 15 Min.
Hasse Carlsson
Label Imperial Dawn Records
Marcus Edvardsson
Release 2004
Nisse Fjällström
Country Sweden
Similar artists Malevolent Creation

There are moments when music truly satisfies and gives you the necessary kick in the back to go on and not always look in the musical back mirror. These moments are truly rare, but luckily they appear so it will be a pleasure to go through the work of Swedish In Battle's mini cd Soul Metamorphosis, released trough Imperial Dawn Records. Soul Metamorphosis was recorded and mastered at the Necromorbus Studio by Vidar Widgren.

In Battle perform the type of death metal that crushes fast and instinctive. Very sharp but still with the necessary heavy sound. It's a feeling of attack in every single arrangement, no pointless transportation trough the songs. Extremely good work on guitars and drums and merciless vocals from O. Sandin that fit the brutality of the music like a glove. In Battle got the aggression and skills, but without a true passion and understanding for the music like these guys seem to have, you'll never get the kind of great arrangements that can be heard on Soul Metamorphosis. A very solid production with a good and razor sharp sound. In fact it is really difficult for me to find anything negative about this album, well perhaps the cold hard fact that its just a mini cd and not a full length album then.

Ferocious death metal in the vein of Malevolent Creation's eminent The Will To Kill. This is an album that has four really hard compositions where the title track stands out the most. I am looking forward to the full-length album.






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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