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Double Action - Sokaris

=Staff's pick

Awakening Of Sokaris
Hard Days
Bloody Sights*
Hot Stuff
Take My Hand - Part I
Take My Hand - Part II*
Burning Nights*
Another Life
Old Sparky
I Want Out*
Another Life (Radio Edit)

Genre Power Metal
Ronny 'Pille' Pilgrim
Tracks 11
Markus 'Rooky' Forstbauer
Runningtime 56 Min.
Clais Johanson
Label Breaker Records/SPV
Mathias 'Matze' Herold
Release 24 Sep. 2001
Andy Korte
Country Germany
Similar artists Jag Panzer, early Accept

This is standard heavy metal.
As standard as is possibly can get - but I wouldn't say that it's bad just because of that.

I can imagine that Udo Dirkschneider fell for this band, and took them under his recordlabel's wings - Breaker Records.
This should suit him just fine, while sitting home on a fridayafternoon sipping a cold Heineken and feel like putting on a good cd.

This band seems to consist of guys that have been fed their daily dose of Judas and Accept from early childhood, and now doesn't find it as an option to even consider playing any other kind of metal.
The ongoing riff in the openingsong Sokaris for example must be taken straight from the Schoolbook of How to Make an 80's Metalriff. :)

The similarities to the previous mentioned bands, and then especially Judas, are not strong, though - they are just playing it in the same veins as them but still with enough personality to be considered and taken seriously.

We get the catchy metalriffs, the pounding double bassdrums and the solos - all is in order here.
The singer gives the impression of being a lightversion of a mixture of Jag Panzer's Harry Conklin and Frank Knight of X-Wild, and I have to say he does the job good - not with honors, but well enough.
What I would like to hear is more power behind the singing, then it would be just fine.

It feels like you could wish for the album to start in a better way - it doesn't really take off until after 3-4 songs, so don't stop listening after a few - it'll get better.
The album seems to take off more and more the closer we get to the end of it, and when it is finished you are just that uptight and in the mood for some more.
Even though you could have wished for a tiny bit more distinct songs in the midpart, that still has to be considered a good thing.

This is still a solid album which grows slowly but sure for every listening, but I don't think it'll rise much further above the 6 chalices it gets now.
The riffs have to stand out more in future releases, and they have to be more in number - not just in the beginning and the end of songs.

This is a good, traditional metalalbum - nothing more, and certainly nothing less.
I advice you to check them out rather than never giving them a chance.






6 chalices of 10 - Tommy

Mat´s opinion: Not available

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