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Shine - Shine

=Staff's pick

Like A Human
Embrace You*
Leaving Home*
The Crime
That's What I Want
Back In Time
What A Girl
Die Happy*
Late At Night
Country Girl
Is This Me
Should I*
What Am I Supposed To Do
Blue Sky*

Genre AOR
Sebastian Roos
Tracks 16
Sebastian Roos
Runningtime 67 Min.
Sebastian Roos
Release 2005
Anders Berlin
Country Sweden
Anders Berlin
Similar artists Richard Marx

This is soft rock, actually way over the border to pop sometimes. But as long as there is a clear sense for nice melodies, I don't care which genre you put it in. The two guys in Shine clearly have their strength in solid musicianship and a bunch of great songs. Sebastian Roos's voice is perhaps too soft to attract the more metal oriented crowd. It leans more over to pop. But he also makes up quite heavy riffs on his guitar that makes this a rock record in the end. Let it be an adult oriented one. It is hard to name one 'similar artist', since the songs are quite varied, but Richard Marx keeps coming back in my mind. I can also see some similarities to Scorpions latest release, Unbreakable, with heavy riffs and soft, melodic choruses. Only that Shine has better songs, especially when they cut out a couple of fillers on the final version.

The lyrics are generally quite ordinary, mostly about love and broken hearts. But that matters less when the melodies harmonically grasps your attention. Embrace You starts with a classic rock riff, not at all too unlike Helix - Wild In The Streets. Leaving Home starts with a really heavy riff. The chorus is quite a bit softer, but nevertheless a killer. Then follows some nice songs, they are not bad at all, but they are perhaps lacking that little extra that is worth commenting. When we arrive at Joker, that extra hook sure is back. My thoughts go immediately to Jethro Tull. Not just because of the flute, but also the whole, slightly progressive, musical arrangement, the lyrics and the atmosphere of the song. Close enough to a masterpiece in fact! Die Happy follows up with a sticky chorus. Blue Sky finishes the record up - a nice ballad! Together this sounds very promising. Shine has the capacity.






8 chalices of 10 - David

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