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Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix

=Staff's pick

Scars Of The Crucifix*
Mad At God
Conquered By Sodom*
Fuck Your God
When Heaven Burns*
Enchanted Nightmare*
From Darkness Come
Go Now Your Lord Is Dead
The Pentecostal*

Genre Death Metal
Glen Benton
Tracks 9
Brian Hoffman
Runningtime 30 Min.
Eric Hoffman
Label Earache
Glen Benton
Release 25 Feb. 2004
Steve Asheim
Country USA
Similar artists Vital Remains, Godhate

At last the long awaited album with the infamous deathmongers Deicide has arrived to my stereo. Its with childish enthusiasm I press on play. Since the "In Torment In Hell" turned out to be something else then a superb Deicide recording, my wait has been a real torment. To be honest the wait has been longer than so, in fact since the debut album and "Legion" (the best ever?) and the "Once Upon The Cross" album. After those albums something happened, don't know what, but the sheer brutality and mean music wasn't the same anymore. So the expectations for "Scars of the crucifix" are set skyhigh.

The title track starts the blasterpiece, combined with "unearthly guitarmelodys" from the Hoffman brothers. Excellent is my first impression. And the music truly is, but the sound and mixing could have been better. Mainly the vocals, but it's not that mr. Bentons "voice" is bad, it is the level that the vocals are set on. It lays thick and high above the pumping soundcarpet. It's a shame, I soon realise that the vocals "takes over" in every song.

Beside that, the music is more intense and well performed than its been for many years. Parts here and there draws my mind back to the excellent "Legion" album and collosus like "Revocate The Agitator" and "Behead The Prophet". Songs like "When Heaven Burns", "Enchanted Nightmare" and "The Pentecostal" shows the path that Deicide taken. Its way better then the "In Torment...." album. And with their record company change, it feels like this album is a step in the right direction for the band.

The music are as great as I expected, great riffs, furious drumparts and hellish arranged melodies. But as earlier mentioned the sound could have been better. Apart from the sound, this is an album that will last for a long time. If you are about to buy this one, get the edition that has the "Behind The Scars/Under The Skin Of Deicide" DVD. A documentary of the recording sessions, interwievs and other interesting materials from the band.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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