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Scar The Martyr - Scar The Martyr

Published October 09 2013

=Staff's pick

Blood Host
My Retribution
Soul Disintegration
Cruel Ocean*
Dark Ages
Sign Of The Omeneye
Anatomy Of Erinyes
Prayer For Prey
White Nights In A Day Room*
Effigy Unborn
Never Forgive Never Forget
Mind's Eye*
Last Night On Earth*

Genre Heavy/Industrial/Alt. Metal
Henry Derek
Tracks 14
Joey Jordison
Running time 75 Min.
Label Roadrunner Records
Joey Jordison
Release 02 October 2013
Joey Jordison
Country USA
Chris Vrenna
Producer Rhys Fulber
Similar artists ---

Additional lead guitars by Jed Simon and Kris Norris.

Multi-instrumentalist Joey Jordison wastes no time when Slipknot is on hiatus. With his brainchild Scar The Martyr, he shows his skills when playing most stuff himself and even if I can find a few similarities to his main band, it's nothing truly significant and the major part of this release is something that distances him to his own making, although the lyrics are written by his companion Henry Derek.

This project displays a varied heavy metal experience with both industrial and alternative elements. It contains a full-blown drumplay loaded with energy and confidence that's backed up by heavy riffs to form pivotal moments with striking accuracy. The way I see it, it has a little bit of everything, with occasional faster plays, semi-ballads with darker parts and it also captures some sort of melancholy that's hard to describe. I also find to some extent that the less industrial and the more alternative it gets, the more I dig this deal.

It leaves a solid print that goes straight to your mind with its direct, yet inventive appearance. Derek's emotional vocal performance that alternates between mainly clean sung parts and a few more aggressive imprints furthermore sets the record straight. A few songs, listed as Staff's pick above, have a huge instant impact and hit me like a ton of bricks.

Yet with a total playing time of 75 minutes, I see myself lose my full focus and the edge of my interest now and then. It's just too damn long to keep my concentration at all stations. This is a fairly good record with a few semi-fillers and also a few too many songs and therefore I have decided to hand out 6 chalices to this band's debut album.








6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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