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The Storyteller - Sacred Fire

Published March 01 2015

=Staff's pick

As I Die
One Last Stand
Sacred Fire
Serpent Eyes
Sons Of The North*
In Search For Treasures, Stones And Gold
Coming Home
The Army Of Southerfell*
Curse Of The Seven Seas
Let Your Spirit Fly
God Of War

Genre Power Metal
L-G Persson
Tracks 12
Jacob Wennerqvist
Running time 52 Min.
Marcus Backlund
Label Black Lodge Records
Henrik Brannerydh
Release 27 February 2015
Martin Hjerpe
Country Sweden
Producer The Storyteller
Similar artists ---

Initially released in certain territories via Dark Legacy Music on November 28th 2014.

After being on hiatus earlier for well over a half decade, Sacred Fire marks The Storyteller's sixth album in total and its second effort since the band's return in 2013 with the album Dark Legacy. This Swedish unit seemed to have the road to success already sealed and delivered with its debut during the power metal wave. For various reasons things obviously really didn't pan out the way expected and one reason being that the first wave more or less self executed due to its surging amount of bands in the genre.

The Storyteller mainly plays a kind of easy-going melodic power metal with a rather clear heavy metal appearance involved in a number of songs too. I don't know if this coming part really makes any sense at all, but I hope that you get the point when I label L-G Persson as basically a typical power metal singer, but without him using high-pitched vocals too repeatedly. An input of a few medieval elements also cements the status of them being an act that follows the water to the seas and this unit never really made themselves a name on the scene by coming out extremely powerful, but more traditional with an urge to present a catchy overall performance.

Still to this very day, all these signs are highly evident and focus is definitely set for melodies and building room for harmonic guitar play. The songs are in a way a little recognizable when looking at the band's previous work, but the guys have still managed to come out with some new things to make themselves current and not a complete replica of the past. I don't see this record as something utterly impressive, but a pair of songs indeed has the capacity to take this record to a pretty good outcome after all.

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