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Coroner - R.I.P.

=Staff's pick

Reborn Through Hate*
When Angels Die*
Intro (Nosferatu)
Suicide Command
Spiral Dream*
Fried Alive*
Intro (Totentanz)

Genre Thrash Metal
Ron Royce
Tracks 10
Tommy T. Baron
Runningtime 45 Min.
Label Noise Records
Ron Royce
Release 1987
Marquis Marky
Country Switzerland
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This is a great release of the past, and is very much underrated and forgotten when the best albums of the 80's is the topic. Coroner from Switzerland delivered an outstanding debut with swirling riffs and great melodies and vocals somewhere in the middlearea of thrash, death and heavy metal. They have always been described as a thrash band and that is very true when it comes to their later releases in the 90's, but here it is more towards the aggressive style of "power", if you prefer that categorization. Swirling melodic riffs, double bass drums and arrangements of todays power bands. Sometimes delicious galopping with brilliant riffing, sometimes fast and straight forward thrashy. The opener Reborn Through Hate is a 10 pointer and kept its position as the fans favourite at concerts until the end, and it's understandable since it has everything.

Keyboards and acoustic guitars are present in just the perfect amount on this album , as well as great, "flowing" and smooth yet sharp riffs, to create that rich and full sound that makes this album special. The solos are usually better than their thrash collegeues came up with at the same period of time, and are melodic and bring something to the music rather than just being put in their for the sake of it, like the case often was at this perios.

Both the production and the vocals are very special and help creating a special mood and atmosphere. What makes them special is that they both are a bit unusual and rough and - purely technically speaking - not very "good", but they suit the music perfectly.

Later years albums by Coroner, (5 of them, 6 in total), I am not as fond of even though they got much higher grades worldwide and are being spoken of much warmer than this album when the band is up as a topic. I think the production got worse, and the songs perhaps got better technically but they lost most of the touch and the amazing 80's feeling.

I am of the opinion that Coroner was a few years ahead of their time and this is the first taste of really good power metal that would arise a few years later.

Coroner released their last, selftitled album, in 1995, embarked on a farewell tour in Europe in 1996 and are now not active anymore.






9 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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