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Danger Danger - Revolve

Published September 18 2009

=Staff's pick

That's What I'm Talking About
Ghost Of Love*
Killin' Love
Hearts On The Highway
Keep On Keepin' On
Rocket To Your Heart
Beautiful Regret*
Never Give Up
Dirty Mind

Genre Hard Rock/AOR
Ted Poley
Tracks 11
Rob Marcello
Runningtime 34 Min.
Label Frontiers Records
Bruno Ravel
Release 18 September 2009
Steve West
Country USA
Similar artists Winger, Journey

Revolve kind of marks the comeback album from Danger Danger that has re-united with their original vocalist Ted Poley, and that makes three quarters of the band today being from the original line-up. Poley actually returned already in 2004 but it isn't until now they have made a record together, twenty years after their self-titled debut saw the light of day. Danger Danger did after their debut another album, Screw It, in 1991 before they recorded the next album called Cockroach only to part ways with Poley before it was released. That made that Paul Laine was brought in to re-record the vocals, although legal issues stopped the album from being released at the time, but it was later released in 2001 as a two-disc version featuring both vocal recordings.

My listening to and knowledge about Danger Danger limits to their debut and the following Screw It, although I listened to those two albums a fair deal back then and it is a wave of nostalgia that washes over me as the first track That's What I'm Talking About starts. It is not exactly as time has been standing still but it is sure to say that the sound hasn't changed in any remarkable way, and following Ghost Of Love keep those waves coming over me. But what strikes me the most is how very well intact the voice from Ted Poley is, here we can talk about time standing still.

As the album goes on the wave of nostalgia dies out and the atmosphere that they managed to create on the two first albums is something that I liked, but that is lost now although musically it is more or less the same thing they do, perhaps a bit more mature though. Even if songs like Hearts In The Highway, Keep On Keepin' On and Dirty Minds is as juvenile tracks as back then, they still appear as a bit more grown up and not as on the edge as back in the days, and that edge is one that I am missing.

With Killing Love, Danger Danger show an approach to a more modern sound as it shows a darker and more serious side, and contains sharp (for the genre) riffs, yet it somehow sounds like Winger back in their glory-days. I feel that this album is up and down and I am torn between the nostalgic me and my sharp knife as a critic, sometimes I am loving it and swallow it all while at other times I find it all to be pointless AOR, but still with something that makes it comfortable and nice. A real downside, however, is Fugitive which is a ballad that sounds of the time when hair-bands where hot, like Poison, Cinderella, Winger and the song I Still Think About You from the Screw It album. Let's just say that personally I am very glad those days are over.

Revolve is an album that gets better and is being well performed, but even though I partially enjoys it, I also turn my face towards the shame-pillow and sometimes find it to be a bit too cheesy for my taste nowadays. However, I still love the old albums but I harshly realise it is probably mostly of nostalgic reasons since I seem to have, I don't want to say grown apart from, but perhaps rather lost touch with this kind of music.








4 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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