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Inevitable End - Reversal

=Staff's pick

Past Darkness

Genre Death/Thrash/Grind Metal
Andreaz Hansen
Tracks 3
Joakim Malmborg
Runningtime 16 Min.
Emil Westerdahl
Release 01 Feb. 2006
Christoffer Johansson
Country Sweden
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I don't know how old the members of Jönköping based Inevitable End is, but however they started up the grinding machinery in 2003 and these first years have resulted in two demos. Self titled Inevitable End from 2004 and this one, Reversal from 2006. In their own statement to the press they claim that their focus lays on playing a modern style of death metal: technical, brutal and delicious! Big words, but name the band that has managed to conquer the masses by being modest...

Reversal holds three songs that end up at a total playing time around sixteen minutes. The failures in the production are quite obvious I think. Crackling guitars and a drum sound that perhaps are the worst problem as it is very hollow. The thing with this kind of music, technical arrangements with several changes in grind, blast and tempo, demands another sound picture than Inevitable End have managed to capture on Reversal. This production is more Dismember than Meshuggah. But to only be talking about the sound would be very unfair to these guys since when I listen to Reversal I actually can hear all the blood, sweat and tears that lay behind it all. Reversal have good intentions and the guys know how to handle their instrument, which is obvious on the best track Indweller.

If I would compare this, I would have to bring forth a hybrid of already mentioned Meshuggah and in some way I get these Malevolent Creation vibes here and there. Good diversity in song writing, a bit darker and more powerful vocals wouldn't hurt to this music. Inevitable End is a brave attempt with lots of potential to create some really extreme music. It feels like these guys know what they're doing and that they have something big coming. The future will tell.






6 chalices of 10 - Tim

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