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Tankard - R.I.B.

Published July 03 2014

=Staff's pick

War Cry
Fooled By Your Guts
R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)*
Riders Of The Doom
Hope Can't Die
No One Hit Wonder
Breakfast For Champions*
Enemy Of Order
Clockwise To Deadline
The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So

Genre Thrash Metal
Andreas Geremia
Tracks 10
Andi Gutjahr
Running time 40 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Frank Thorwarth
Release 20 June 2014
Olaf Zissel
Country Germany
Producer Michael Mainx
Similar artists ---

Tankard presents yet another effort of authentic thrash metal. I can't claim that this disc differs appreciably from the band's latest works. The Germans lash themselves through their chosen path and really do nothing to create something new. In a way it's great, because you surely know what you will get your hands on when you spend your money on a Tankard release. On the other hand, if you're not a true fan of the band already, I find it difficult to see what R.I.B. will do to make people, precisely at this point, open up their eyes a little extra for these individuals.

The band's metal presented here is actually no forceful and massive thrash metal straight through, since there are some heavy metal sections woven into their music. Partly through the riffs and partly through the many melodies, that are present in the shadows of Gerre's vocals, to create a wider range and a more natural variety. The lyrical contents are generally the same as before, basically with a little comedy, yet at the same time, with truth and honesty behind them. The guys of course partly made themselves a name in the business with their lyrics and they obviously see no reason to step off that wagon, which initially gave them attention several decades ago.

This work won't likely go down in history as their most appreciated or popular record. Yet it is a pretty good album as a whole, with direct songs that push themselves into the mind one by one. The album also contains many great passages and accurate moments, and it's very evenly matched overall as well. The latter may sometimes turn out as a disadvantage, but in this case I see it as a given advantage instead, and frankly, many records within this epithet isn't particularly varied, as you may know by now. Tankard has anyway released a solid album and I wasn't expecting anything else for that matter.

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