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Chimaira - Ressurection

Published March 01 2007

=Staff's pick

Pleasure In Pain
No Reason To Live
Killing The Beast
The Flame
End It All
Black Heart
Kingdom Of Heartache (bonus track)
Paralyzed (bonus track)

Genre Thrash Metalcore
Mark Hunter
Tracks 13
Matt DeVries
Runningtime 66 Min.
Rob Arnold
Label Nuclear Blast
Jim LaMarca
Release 06 March 2007
Andols Herrick
Country USA
Chris Spicuzza
Similar artists Pantera, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Trivuim

Those black hearted goat whoring wizards of insanity; never left for (feeling) dead inside, fulminate and feed the flame of this present darkness. Chimaira's deadly deliverance, without moral restraint, has become their overlooked salvation. Like Lazarus rising from the dying genre of stagnation and comatose awareness, these severed lumps of clay denigrate; yet manage to debunk the dehumanizing process of insidious decay, through their sonic resurrection of pleasure in pain. Though they claim to be worthless, with no reason to live or exist, willing to end it all, Chimaira spread the seeds of vengeance and hate, breeding and seething with bloodlust and belligerence.

Chimaira crawl out of the midden ridden sewage of fascination street to needle us 24/7 with their impossible treason and rekindled heartache. These denizens of Cleveland, Ohio, like Mushroomhead, who's hat tricks should send them to an eternal purgatory for donning the masks of betrayal - embrace the new and heavy stigmurder art which has little in common with the classic Cleveland metal sound of Wretch, Breaker, Destructor, or Beyond Fear.

Chimaira's charismatic, dogmaitic, and schismatic frontman, Mark Hunter, claims that his band is influenced only by true metal acts like these six: Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Fear Factory, Machine Head, and In Flames. This is quite evident as Resurrection embraces all the 90's era metal manifold with hints of Children Of Bodom and Testament added for measure and might.

The title track opens with an intense vulgar display of powerful determination, with its resolute chorus repeated, ad nauseum. The video for the song is a ruse, as plastic chicks playing strip poker have little to do with Christological typology, unless it is an allusion to Lamb Of God? The overall angst and frustration of this band is felt throughout each grinding guitar arrangement and drumming gait, accentuated by haunting electronica. This entropy and denial of life is an ongoing theme throughout.

I'm new to the Chimaira sound. I've heard Resurrection is quite an improvement over their earlier endeavours, which now pass out of existence. Songs like Worthless, Needle, No Reaon To Exist, and especially Empire hold their own, and exude awesome guitar work and sedulous soloing. Six, is a sick sex song about one tough bitch. However, it is too dramatic and drawn out; while the lyrics for The Flame creep me out, entirely. Most mallcore mutations on Resurrection don't move me a muscle.

Overall, I'm not convinced Chimaira are killing the beast or sowing the seeds for the future metal empire. I could be mistaken, as I dismissed Pantera's hostile, far beyond driven aggression as boring thrash pretenders to the throne; preferring their earlier projects in the metal glam jungle. I was dismayed when Rob Fynn left Vio-lence to bang his Machine Head. Maybe I'm old-fashioned and a mettle conservative, resisting change, but the only Chimera which I will celebrate is the album by Russian metal giants ARIA! However, if you crave Chimaira look for the limited edition American version with a bonus DVD directed by Todd Bell, which includes an hour of studio recording footage and more; or get you cell phone ring tones for Empire, Pleasure In Pain, Resurrection , Six, or Worthless.








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