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Doomsword - Resound The Horn

=Staff's pick

Shores of Vinland
Onward the Battle (On the March Again)*
The Doomsword*
For Those Who Died With Sword in Hand
The Early Days of Finn Mac Cool*
Resound the Horn: Odin's Hail

Genre Doom Metal
Tracks 7
Guardian Angel II
Runningtime 50 Min.
The Forger
Label Dragonheart Records
Dark Omen
Release 24 Jun. 2002
Country Italy
Similar artists Candlemass, Manowar, Bathory

When it comes to metal, Italy is normally associated with symphonic epic fantasy metal but that's not at all what we're facing this time, except for the epic part. As the name of the band suggests, this is doom metal in the epic and gothic style with lyrics regarding northern mythology and midieval and Celtic history when a sword in your hand was the way of life. But it's not all pure doom though since the atmosphere is somewhat lifted in some more classic-sounding metal-hymns.

Overall Doomsword has a very "simple" sound and production without any aggressive guitars, complicated riffs or screaming solos and it mainly goes in the style of early Candlemass and the previously mentioned metal-hymns are a bit "Manowar-esque". Althoug the sound tends to be a bit monotonous and their songs a bit slow I still think they have all the ingredients they need for a good result.
Especially one ingredient is worth mentioning specially and that is the very convincing performance by the man in charge of the lead microphone. Deathmaster's singing in the mid range register goes perfectly with the heavy and rhythmic guitars and is the album's major benifit.

Five of the seven tracks are longer than 7 minutes and the slow pace at especially the beginning might seem a bit deterrent for some but don't get too much intimidated by this because there are faster sections of the album as well.
You also have to be aware of that this is a release that craves more than one rotation before a final judgement can be pronounced.

I thought Resound the Horn was a good album and fans of the genre will probably love it but for you others who mainly prefer faster and more traditional power metal I strongly suggest you listen before the acquisition is a done deal.

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6,5 chalices of 10 - Mat

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