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Conspiracy - Reincarnated

=Staff's pick

Virgin's Blood*
United In Hate*
Demonic Harmonies
Funerary #1
Collapse Into The WWIII*
Brothers Of Black Metal

Genre Black Metal
Carpathian Wolf
Tracks 8
Carpathian Wolf
Runningtime 41 Min.
Label Pulverised Records
Carpathian Wolf
Release 01 Jan. 2006
Carpathian Wolf
Country Ukraine/Netherlands
Similar artists Deströyer 666

Conspiracy from Ukraine/Netherlands have a difficult story but in an attempt to reveal all answers about this band the journey goes back to 1988 in Ukraine. Yes, at the time the country was still under the banner of the USSR. I can only imagine how easy it could have been to write harsh and mean black metal material at a place like this. I can also imagine how difficult it must be to promote the material.... Well, the task must have been a bit to much for the man behind Conspiracy, called Carpathian Wolf, so what to do? In Conspiracy's case the one thing to do was to move abroad to the Netherlands.

After several years the collection of songs that had been made over the years resulted in Reincarnated, which was released through Pulverised Records. I must say that Conspiracy must be one of the most well hidden diamonds now known. The music stretches over a wast spectre, including traditional blackened death metal in the vein of early Dissection, but its also a chaotic presence of the likes of Deströyer 666. No bad references there, I know.

Conspiracy is quite a good band. The truth is that I am in a state of shock after comparing the quite good heavy metal flirting black metal with the cover that leaves a lot to wish for... I was prepared for a Autopsy clone considering the criminally ugly look of the cover. I don't know exactly if Carpathian Wolf is the man behind all of the instruments on this recording due to the lack of information on this band. But there are certainly no lack of quality in the music, a bit old school and out of date but still very good. Catchy guitar lines and melodies without losing an inch of rawness. It feels very real and the music delivers a lot of audio pain to the listener. The spooky Collapse Into The WVIII has a feeling that is no less than creepy. The vocals are as cruel and mean as is necessary in order to fit the music.

The production isn't the strongest aspect of this album, but once again I don't know if the result would have been better with a clean and sober production. Probably it would make the record losing its grip. All songs have something cool to deliver, perhaps I could live without the catchy one called Brothers Of Black Metal. A song that has a refrain that would suite just fine for Manowar... Otherwise I think that it was about time that this creation was revealed. Raw but still melodic black metal that makes sense.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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