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Celesty - Reign Of Elements

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Sword Of Salvation
Reign Of Elements*
Lost In Deliverance*
The Sword And The Shield
Battle Of Oblivion*

Genre Symphonic Melodic Metal
Kimmo Perämäki
Tracks 9
J-P Alanen
Runningtime 43 Min.
Tapani Kangas
Label Arise Records
Ari Katajamäki
Release 28 Nov. 2002
Jera Luokkamäki
Country Finland
Juha Mäenpää
Similar artists Helloween, Freedom Call, Stratovarius

Finland's producing new promising bands in such a pace that it starts to get a bit hard to keep up. Not that I'm complaining because what's up on display this time is Celesty and their debut full-length studio-album, Reign of Elements. The Land of the Thousand Lakes is riding high on successful bands and have a reputation of delivering melodic symphonic power metal of a very high quality and Celesty is by no means any exception from those statements. Celesty can't be accused of being original in any way but who cares about such trivial matters when one is being introduced to a metal-release like this one. The sound revolves around the symphonic, epic and melodic department of the power metal genre and the melody and class just don't seem to quit no matter what.

For you new ones unfimiliar with the sound it goes something like this: every up-tempo-track (that is track 2 to 8...) starts out with a very melodic and doublebass-drum spiced beginning and usually the keyboard interacts in the nowadays so familiar way in this genre. But no matter if the guitar or the keys is the dominating part it just doesn't matter because it's so excellently done. And you can also expect the track-intro-melody and sometimes even yet another killer combination of chords and tones to make their appearances once again before the track is over. These melodic episodes are real awesome and reminds most of bands such Heavenly, Dark Moor, Elvenking, Stratovarius, Freedom Call, Sonata Arctica and even Nightwish, which should tell you a great deal about what we're up against.

The verses have both the more up-speeded double-bass drum background and sometimes also a very headbangin' galopping rhythm and no matter which alternative we're dealing with they lead to bridges and refrains that are very catchy and tends to root the very instant they reach your ears. The vocals won't win any originality-price either with it's standard moderate- to high-tone-register but once again, who gives a flying f**k when the result is almost 100% top notch. And you don't have to worry about the music being too monotonous since all the tracks still have its own eccentricity and it's no problem to distinguish one from the other.

So, if you consider yourself a person who likes your metal when it's delivered in the way I've described and with a happy-touch over it, then you can definitely get your own copy of Reign of Elements without any pre-listening whatsoever and be a very happy metaller. Those of you who are still in some doubt (and the rest of you too of course...) can download Celesty's previous demo-albums, Warrior of Ice and Times Before the Ice from the band's official homepage and take matters from there.

Me, myself absolutely loved this release and the extraordinary musicianship of this band have already become one of my personal favourites and what my neighbours in the east have delivered here is more than many other bands succeed with during entire careers. So now I'm gonna lay down, open up a bottle of beer, press play on my remote and let the tunes of Reign of Elements enchant me over and over again :) Terveydeksi Celesty- both thumbs up!

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8 chalices of 10 - Mat

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