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Cromonic - Rebirth

=Staff's pick

Fire Within
The Salvation*
Sands Of Time*

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Pasi Humppi
Tracks 3
Patrik Von Porat
Runningtime 13 Min.
Thomas Wäppling
Bo Petterson
Release 2005
Country Sweden
Similar artists Freternia, Ironware, Savatage

Cromonic is a new Swedish band formed by ex-members of Freternia and associates of Ironware, Dionysus and Ablaze. Here they give us their first demo, properly named Rebirth that actually is available on their website for all to hear and download. Even though the members have their roots in other metal acts, the band clearly states that Cromonic is not supposed to be Freternia part II or anything along those lines, but should be regarded as a brand new act with a different sound. It's still a bit hard not to draw parallels to mainly Freternia and Ironware, since it's Pasi Humppi who's once again contributing the vocals with his pretty unique tones of voice. Musically though, I have to agree with the band that their sound is something that distance Cromonic from the band members' other constellations, if not totally, at least to such a satisfactorily grade, that you clearly hear the differences.

Fire Within starts this demo off and despite sounding like something that you might expect with Humppi's voice so tone setting, there's also touches of old Blind Guardian and Savatage on this track. The song is of the fast driven sort and the bridge and refrain are very good ones and the growling by Wäppling in the stick that comes before the good guitar solo enhances the darker touches the band so clearly want to put up front. Salvation begins with some more death metal oriented keyboard playing and good background guitar riffing and features some interesting dynamic tempo changes. The verse section is of the machine gun rhythmic sort and here Humppi talks more than he can be said to sing. Another good chorus is served and at the end of the solo Wäppling starts growling again. Sands of Time is the darkest song on the demo and the more clean singing by Humppi in the calmer section before the guitar solo begins is a great sounding part of the song. Another good chorus is featured and this track I regard as the best Rebirth has to offer.

Compared to the band members' other bands and musical origins, this definitely has a much darker touch. The guitar solos on occasion show a more progressive flair while also sounding more 80's oriented in the basics and the keyboards have something darker that's almost leaning towards black metal going. Humppi is as always a great vocalist and here he's been given room to use the more aggressive parts of his singing and it all comes out very well in the sound frame. The production is very good for being just a demo and it's very obvious that the musicians involved in this band are really experienced and very professional ones.

Fans of the members' other bands should definitely check up Cromonic too and see what they're favourites have been occupying themselves with when not in their respective other main band. Considering the sonical outcome of Rebirth though Cromonic should be expecting a phone call that ensures them their well deserved record deal within a very near future. According to information on their website, a new demo will be recorded in January 2006 with a tentative release some month later so if Rebirth doesn't provide them a label signing, this new mission of theirs most certainly will. This present demo however is up for free downloading on their homepage, so really, what are you waiting for?






7 chalices of 10 - Mat

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