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Jack Frost - Raise Your Fist For Metal

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The Chase
Brotherhood Of Lies*
What's Left
The Man I Am
Nippin At Your Ear
What I Say*
Fight Fire With Fire
Slow Burn
Lack Of Communication*

Genre Heavy Metal
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Tracks 10
Jack Frost
Runningtime 36 Min.
Label Noise Records
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Release 17 Nov. 2003
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Country USA
Similar artists Seven Witches

When the mainman from Seven Witches was about to release a solo effort I raised my eyebrows and thought that this could be something worth buying. But as it turns out the guests that he has brought along with him impresses a hell of a lot more than the music in itself, and according to this I find it accurate to inform you about who they are.

The vocalists: Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Bobby Lucas (Overlord Expedition, ex-Seven Witches), Joe Comeau (ex-Overkill, ex-Annihilator), Steve Braun (Azlan, Siloam), Jack Emrick (Life After Death), Rob Rock (Impellitteri) and James Rivera (Seven Witches, Helstar) on some backing vocals. The bassplayers: Mike Duda (WASP), Billy Childs (Britny Fox), Mike Lepond (Symphony X) and Joey Vera (Seven Witches, Armored Saint, Engine, Fates Warning). And finally the drummers: Gonzo Sandoval (Armored Saint, Life After Death) and Johnny Dee (Doro, Britny Fox).
A lot of namedropping there but I found it worth of mentioning and there is many things to say in addition to these musicians but I leave that up to you to find out more if you wish.

Mainly Raise Your Fist To Metal is simply an heavy metal album with elements of thrash to be found here and there with many references to Seven Witches. In fact, many of the tracks seems to me to be only half-done leftovers that has been rejected from mentioned band. Jack himself has written all the music except for the two coversongs while the lyrics has been done by the vocalist in question for that particular track and in some cases co-written with Mr. Frost.

A risk when you involve that many people in the production is that it might come out a bit splintered and uneven but that isn't the problem with this one, it actually works pretty good, the downside is the song material. A few of the tracks is rather good, nevertheless not better than average while some is really, really bad. Of the ten tracks two is cover versions and another track is a boring guitarsolo, at least to me that is since I doesn't play guitar, maybe you could appreciate it more if you played yourself. The Kansas cover of Fight Fire With Fire, is a lame version that isn't anything for me while the second one, Lack Of Communication is one that I like, never really liked Ratt at the time except for this song and as this version is well performed it makes good listening.

This album I would only recommend to the die-hard Frost fans or to those who likes albums with lots of artists on them, otherwise I suggest that you wait for the next Seven Witches album to come out (whenever that will be?), or buy one of the old ones, and why not check out Bronx Casket Company instead, another band that features Jack Frost.






4 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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