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Human Fortress - Raided Land

Published November 26 2013

=Staff's pick

Raided Land
Child Of War
Wasted Years*
The Chosen Ones*
Gladiator Of Rome (Part 2)
Dark Knight*
Pray For Salvation
Evil Curse*
Restless Souls
Under Siege
Guard The Blind

Genre Melodic Metal
Gus Monsanto
Tracks 13
Todd Wolf
Running time 55 Min.
Volker Trost
Label AFM Records
Andre Hort
Release 29 November 2013
Apostolos Zaios
Country Germany
Dirk Liehm
Producer ---
Similar artists ---

My first acquaintance with Human Fortress leaves almost nothing but positive impressions, although I was a bit doubtful during the initial spin. Most songs show rather captivating melodic metal with solid riffs, cool licks and a distinct bassplay that infuses stability to the songs. It's mainly songs in a rather speedy tempo, commonly with a somewhat epic approach that sets the tone and captures a good feeling to get me engaged.

A solid, rhythmic drumplay fills my ear canals and songs like Dark Knight and Evil Curse benefit from this matter. The latter is by all means the album's outstanding track with its heavy and deep riffing, crushing rhythm, its accurate profound approach and its stunning, killer chorus that hits you like a ton of bricks and when they get total control of things, they pulverize every little fragment of my hesitation. With new lead vocalist, Brazilian Gus Monsanto, they have also found a weapon to success, as he in my opinion doesn't falter the least.

I've listened to this album at least fifteen times during these last four weeks and I can't find much that I would call fillers, besides track number 5, Shelter, that don't qualify as highly memorable and seems somewhat forced with its ballad-like chorus that destroys a fairly good song's foundations. The major part of this release is highly enjoyable, if not smashing. They launch track after track that etches its grip in my bones and marrow and this is definitely a record that gets better and better for every spin.

Then why not a higher rating than 7 chalices, although that is a substantial outcome? The record lacks a bit of variation, making it rather monotonous as a whole unit. I also don't think that they have brought new things to the scene and therefore I have decided to not get too excited. Still a respectable 7 and definitely something worth spending a few bucks on.








7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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