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Nicta - Rage And Fury Fed Us

Published March 07 2007

=Staff's pick

Civil War
Frozen Sleeper*
Blossom Of Pain*
Set The Fury Free

Genre Extreme Power Metal
Fabio Valentini
Tracks 4
Nuccio Cafà
Runningtime 30 Min.
Stefano Marchetto
Release Jan. 2007
Andrea Bertassello
Country Italy
Graziano Ferracioli
Similar artists Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Dreamaker

Nicta is an Italian band that label themselves to play metal of extreme power. The band formed in 2001 and has the intent to play melodic and aggressive metal and with Rage And Fury Fed Us they have reached their fourth demo. First out of the four tracks is Civil War, and it starts with an up-tempo power metal beat but when it comes to the verses the music is delivered with determined aggression in more of a death metal vein complete with grunts. The chorus is a combination of power metal with clean vocals and a melodic style while the grunts make you aware that this is more than simply that, musically this aren't to far from Spanish band Dreamaker with the cleaner and melodic parts.

Nicta deliver aggressive metal with power metal melodies and it is hard to pinpoint this band as they spread far and wide with their music, mostly death, a great deal of power and they are not afraid to make progressive turns and to also add an atmosphere of black metal. Nevertheless, a description that somewhat throws you in the right direction is to say that they play Italian power metal mixed with death and black metal from the Scandinavian regions.

Frozen Sleeper is one of the better tracks on the demo, as it is the track that combines the different elements of Nicta the best. The melody line from piano and keyboard plays an important role in this track where you can add the genre description of doom to the already mentioned. Blossom Of Pain becomes really heavy with the symphonic parts, and to let a thought drift towards Dimmu Borgir feels not to be inappropriate in any way. The length of the tracks are, apart from the shorter opening song, about eight minutes and at times it feels like it would have been better to shorten them a little as it tend to spread away touch much at times. The complex song structures that are performed with the honour could perhaps been served with a bit more simplicity. Although it is no doubt that Nicta consists of very talented musicians that have the skill of mature song writing but nonetheless I feel that the songs do not always hold together that well.

The closing track Set The Fury Free has a grand symphonic opening that turns into straightforward melodic death kind of in the same spirit as with early Children Of Bodom. Further, it breaks off with more black metal flirting and some progressive metal in the melodic breaks in a track that goes in the same manor as the others. Even though the genre boundaries are broken regularly, they keep a solid red line through their songs and it sounds as a homogenous effort. One bad point is that the keyboards, that are used heavily, come out too much in front of the guitars, and the canned guitar-sound does not make me as happy as the playing does. Rage And Fury Fed Us is a very interesting demo and it takes its time to get in to it, but judging by what Nicta has achieved already on the demo-stage, it promises well for the future.








6,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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