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Astral Kingdom - Power Metal Through The Universe

Published Nov. 04 2006

=Staff's pick

So The Journey Begins…
Power Metal Through The Universe
The Wanderer*
Ocean Sorrow

Genre Power Metal
Robert Nilsson
Tracks 4
Jacob Skimutis
Runningtime 15 Min.
Jonas Havlik
Per Fredin
Release 25 Aug. 2006
Peter Fredin
Country Sweden
Tor Olsson
Similar artists Gamma Ray

Astral Kingdom originates from Västerås, and belongs to the third wave of power metal. That should (theoretically) be those who grew up with the second wave during the late 90s. They seem to be ambitious about their thing. Which other Swedish demo bands have a German version of their homepage, for example? But musically there is a lot of hard work left to make this happen.

The demo starts soft with The Journey Begins, an acoustic guitar intro. The title track Power Metal Through The Universe sparkle the more with heavy drums. The catchy riffs and melodies could almost have been stolen here and there and put together by Kai Hansen himself. The Wanderer is power metal according to the instruction book. It starts with a primal scream and ends with a pretty nice guitar solo and sing-along choirs.

In the power ballad Ocean Sorrow singer Robert Nilsson tries to show up a broader range in his voice. It sounds really awful in some parts, especially in the higher tones. Further the singer is too much in the front in the mixing. However, there is some talent to build on, especially in the songwriting. It is now up to the guys if they have the true will to do the dirty work that is needed.

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4 chalices of 10 - David

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