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Gun Barrel- Power-Dive

=Staff's pick

Only A Passenger
For All Like You
Bomb Attack
Gate Of God
Straight Down To Hell*
We Will Carry On*
Shut Up Or Lose Me*
Gone With The Wind
Back To Suicide*
She's Coming Over Top
Take Me To The Highway*

Genre Heavy Metal
Guido Feldhausen
Tracks 12
Rolf Tanzius
Runningtime 49 Min.
Label Limb Music
Holger Schulz
Release 04 May 2001
Toni Pinciroli
Country Germany
Similar artists AC/DC, Motörhead, Accept

Have you for years and years searched for that ultimate partyrecord, that are catchy enough to suit all participating guests with various taste of metal at the party but still with great heaviness and great ideas and riffs, and with material so strong that it holds for many, many listenings? Your search is - if not perhaps over - but easier now, when I say: Go and get this cd, cause it's great!

Imagine a perfect mixture of a big dose of AC/DC and some hints of bands like D.A.D and older Accept to take an example, and speed that up a few notches and let a very charismatic and interesting singer perform the vocal arrangements, and - there you have what german Gun Barrel offer us on their debutalbum. This is great uptempo rock'n'roll (metal'n'roll?) of highest quality, and during tracks like for example the Motörhead-ish tunes Straight Down to Hell and Back to Suicide it is hard, to not say impossible, to keep your neck still - amazingly catchy and basic to-the-roots rock'n'roll.

The similarities with AC/DC are many, but I wouldn't go as far to say that the whole band sounds like them - it's instead the riffs and the guitarsound in general that bring your thoughts in that direction, but it's done with much more power, heaviness and are faster than the australian guys´music, though. Great hooks, choruses and good riffing are a few elements that Gun Barrel master very well, and manage to mix together to a varied and interesting album. The singer are doing a great job, and even though he also for very short periods have some similarities to AC/DC and even Udo and Frank Knight, he has great individuality and contribute a great deal to this albums success.

There are only high quality songs on this cd, as there are no fill-outs, and that makes Gun Barrel earn a very solid 8-pointer here. This is a cd that will stand for many listeningsession ahead. This is a must when that first chilled beer is being cracked open on Fridaynight. Be very sure to check this out.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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