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Decrepit Birth - Polarity

Published July 30 2010

=Staff's pick

A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil
The Resonance
Solar Impulse*
Mirroring Dimensions
A Brief Odyssey In Time
The Quickening Of Time*
Sea Of Memories*
Darkness Embrace

Genre Tech/Brutal Death Metal
Bill Robinson
Tracks 11
Dan Eggers
Runningtime 38 Min.
Matt Sotelo
Label Nuclear Blast
Joel Horner
Release 30 July 2010
KC Howard
Country USA
Producer Zach Ohren    
Similar artists Death, Suffocation

Decrepit Birth is a new acquaintance to me, but rest assured that I will check out this band's back catalogue, after hearing Polarity. Decrepit Birth's music has the degree of difficulty that I'm favoring at the moment, and coupled with a fat and good production, Polarity's a pure joy to the ears. The songs have a complexity that really demands quite a lot from the listener, a treat in this day and age when only what can be seen on the surface matters, and when a view of the listeners as idiots is more rule than exception.

Decrepit Birth dares to, as many of the bands in the tech death metal fold, be difficult. They manage to be so, without totally alienating the listener. There are quite enough of reference points for listeners of death metal to recognize - a darkly growling singer in form of Bill Robinson, a skinsman with bravado in KC Howard who's playing with Joel Horner with a degree of sync that leaves me dumbstruck - although I know that these gentlemen play together in Odius Mortem as well.

The icing on the cake is the guitar work from Dan Eggers and Matt Sotelo. These guys quickly show that they do know how to handle guitars, and gives ample evidence that there are few musical styles that demand as much from its practitioners as technical death metal.

Many bands have taken the road of playing technical for its own sake - Decrepit Birth is a band interested in playing music - a fact shown by the fact that Polarity is packed full of very good songs. (A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil, Polarity, Solar Impulse with its absolutely haunting guitar work, The Quickening Of Time, masterful Sea Of Memories are songs that have made Polarity a regular guest in the stereo at home.

If you're into death metal with a degree of complexity to it, Polarity is totally recommended.








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