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Forlorn Legacy - Paths Of Insanity

=Staff's pick

Crest Of Silence
Insanity PT.I: Rewind*
Insanity PT.II: Delirium
Insanity PT.III: Revenge*
Last Try
Price To Pay*

Genre Thrash Metal
Darko Etinger
Tracks 14
Mario Romanic
Runningtime 59 Min.
Viktor Pugelnik
Label Metalsound Records
Sinisa Arlavi
Release March 2005
Stanko Muskinja
Country Croatia
Similar artists Darkane, The Haunted

After almost ten years of services in the Metal scene, the Croatian band Forlorn Legacy release their debut called Paths of Insanity though Metalsound Records, a fairly new and fresh Croatian label. Paths of Insanity was recorded and mixed at Gama Studio, Zagreb, and was produced and engineered by Igor Malecic. The album consists of fourteen tracks that offer quite modern Thrash metal with loads of melody and technical journeys into the world of Metal.

Forlorn Legacy's music is not of the easy kind that lets you sit back and relax. It demands a lot from the listener, but in a positive way. Paths of Insanity is filled with technical arrangements and tempo changes, very complex stuff. But between these Meshuggah and Pantera look-a-like verses and brakes, there are quite cool refrains that offers the more traditional style a´la Darkane or The Haunted. Two major parts of Forlorn Legacy's music, but there are also melodic and soft influences from, let us say, a more German style.

The dark and aggressive vocal of Darko Etinger fits well with the clean vocals from the guitarist, Mario Romanic. Two totally different styles that makes a great unity. Sometimes it feels like the music gets a bit to experimental, but some how they always get back on the track. Simply very good musicians. My guess would be that this album has a lot to offer to many categories of listeners because of its well arranged web of really hard Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal combined with what I would simply call Metal.

Production is well done, even though I would prefer a bit more depth and heavy soundscapes. The sound tends to be a little light and hollow sometimes. Songs above others on this album are a bit problematic to mention, mainly because all of the songs has so much different parts and styles. But I'll give it a try: Conspiracy, Insanity PT.I: Rewind, Numb, Stillborn and the great acoustic Price to Pay, which once again shows the quality and skill of these musicians. A really good album filled with interesting music that is a must for all of headbangers and metalheads out there.






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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