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Kingdom Come - Outlier

Published April 17 2013

=Staff's pick

God Does Not Sing Our Song
Running High Distortion
Rough Ride Ralleye
Let The Silence Talk
Holy Curtain
The Trap Is Alive
Skip The Cover And Feel*
Don't Want You To Wait*
Such A Shame
When Colors Break The Grey

Genre Hard Rock
Lenny Wolf
Tracks 10
Lenny Wolf
Running time 42 Min.
Eric Förster
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Lenny Wolf
Release 29 April 2013
Lenny Wolf
Country Germany
Lenny Wolf
Producer Lenny Wolf
Similar artists Led Zeppelin

In his own words, main man Lenny Wolf said that he creates music for none other than himself. He wants his art to fly free and doesn't care about what other people think, which I see as more of an excuse to not reach out to people through his art. I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge and insight of Kingdom Come's musical history is extremely limited though and how much truth and sincerity there is in such statements is for each man his own to decide.

The solo guitar on this release is played by Eric Förster and the rest is all Lenny's hard work. All from songwriting to vocals and from guitarplay to producing and mastering etc. It's hard to understand how much effort all this takes and I personally think that the outcome of these one-man shows varies immensely. I think it's always better to let somebody else size up your work to get a true assessment. Perhaps I'm out on thin ice here, but on many occasions the instruments also sound programmed.

I don't know if this release is targeted to people who like heavier music, because it doesn't rock and it's as metal as a rubber duck. There are heavier riffs, but meanwhile there's some kind of an industrial electronic seventies sound or noise of disco just overshading the album and the production feels somewhat dated. Perhaps I don't get it, but this music gives me right about nothing and never get a grip of me. Older fans of his efforts might love this, but I find it hard for potential new fans to embrace this work to their own liking. Those fans must have the greatest patience and the strongest will to let this music inside their hearts.

I've listened to Outlier several times and not until tracks seven and eight, I find stuff I like in Skip The Cover And Feel respectively Don't Want You To Wait, but then it's way too late to catch my interest and full attention. This release is not utterly stinking crap, but rather far away from what I call a good record. 3 chalices, thanks to those two above mentioned songs.

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