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Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis

=Staff's pick

A Poem About An Old Prison Man*
Day 69*
Revelation Of Existence (The Trip)
Visual Delusion*
Invisible Control

Genre Death Metal
Tracks 7
Runningtime 32 Min.
Label Earache Records
Richard Gulzcynski
Release 13 Feb. 2006
Country Poland
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Since the beginning in Poland back in 1996, the youngsters from Decapitated have always delivered the expected goods. Always forward with enthusiasm and eager to develop the music in extreme and technical ways. The latest effort, Organic Hallucinosis, is filled with the known quantity and quality of massive technical death metal as its best. Despite the age of these musicians it's quite astonishing how well they have taken care of their talents. There aren't many bands with this capacity that sound as mature in both arrangements and composing as Decapitated.

The differences from 2004's The Negation lay not only in the new line up, vocalist Sauron left over his duties to Covan and Martin leaved the bass for Richard Gulzcynski in order to concentrate on Lux Occulta. Vogg and Vitek's drum and guitar works have also been refined in a way that makes it sound more polished. Organic Hallucinosis has a cleaner touch in both sound and composing. It's a bit more metal and core, a bit more anger is put into the structure of the songs, something that new singer Covan has contributed with and this is something both good and perhaps less good. I think that it feels like the identity has gone lost a bit, but still its innovative and yet brutal.

The production is ok and fits the style. The music demands the well balanced and clean settings that Organic Hallucinosis have in order to let all cool arrangements really strike the listener. I think it's the arrangements that are, as always, the trademark of Decapitated. Their ability to make progressive and technical death metal of highest quality is exceptional. From really speedy trips like Visual Delusion to a massive monstrous one like A Poem About An Old Prison Man. Decapitated certainly present a wide spectra on Organic Hallucinosis.

But still it feels like something is missing. At the same time as I am over whelmed by the capability from this band I miss something that feels essential to death metal nowadays after masterpieces from bands such as Nile, Behemoth and not least Hate. It may sound strange but I miss the guiding lines of melodies on Organic Hallucinosis. I think that this album has everything except darkness, that's the word. Something that summons a bitter sweet taste in the mouth and makes the walls closing in around you. Otherwise this album has a lot to offer, whether you are a fan of classic Polish death metal or the more american style with the focus on technical brutality.

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Tim

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