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Chaosfear - One Step Behind Anger

=Staff's pick

Hard Time For The Wrong Man
Incongruous Possession*
One Step Behind Anger*
Driven By Hate
Denied Rights*
Minds Temptation*
Dust Structure
Detestation Inc.

Genre Thrash Metal
Fernando Boccomino
Tracks 8
Fernando Boccomino
Runningtime 41 Min.
Anderson de Franca
Release 12 July 2006
Danielo de Freitas
Country Brazil
Similar artists Sepultura, Slayer, Ektomorf

Brazilian band Chaosfear started out as Sick Mind in 1999 and One Step Behind Anger is their first full-length album and is currently only being released in their native country Brazil. I haven't really figured out if they are putting out the album by themselves or being backed by a label, but the band is surely worth your support either way.

Chaosfear takes good use of their Brazilian heritage, not saying that they sound exactly as Sepultura but there is no doubt that they have been heavily influenced by them. This album is loaded with thrash that is constantly driven by anger with a fast and aggressive approach with loads of headbanger friendly riffs. Most songs are straightforward and of the no compromise kind of thrash, although Chaosfear manage to avoid being monotonous in their songs with a great sense of throwing in melodic leads, technical sounding breaks or some massive riffing at the right places. Each song seems to have its own identity yet there is a homogenous feeling that lies over the album, nevertheless it is with the Slayer smelling Incongruous Possession, with the Testament structured Minds Temptation, or with the often-found Sepultura influences they come out as best.

Chaosfear provides a mix of Sepultura type Brazilian thrash along with the Bay Area sound while they sometimes are just a notch from becoming death metal, with some parts it is only the vocals that are the difference. One of my favourites on One Step Behind Anger is the title track that contains some amazing riffing in the vein of Amon Amarth, here you have grinding in true death metal style and simply add growls to this and it would have been death metal. The vocals are not the most dynamic but the determined screams of anger from Fernando Boccomino fit perfectly with the music.

One Step Behind Anger from Chaosfear contains a high amount of energy and I can only imagine how a concert with them would be, with this much energy and all of the mosh-parts their music contain I can see chaos. The thrash is performed by a trio that comes out as very tight and as very competent of handling their instruments. Listening to this album is like being run over eight times, and then you press play again to have another go.






7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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