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'77 - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

Published October 25 2015

=Staff's pick

It's Alright*
Come & Join Us
Street Dogs
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Still Waiting
No One Like You
She Makes Me
Too Young To Go*
We Want More Rock And Roll*

Genre Hard Rock
Armand Valeta
Tracks 12
Armand Valeta
Running time 40 Min.
LG Valeta
Label Century Media
Guillem Martinez
Release October 30, 2015
Andy Cobo
Country Spain
Producer Jamie Gomez Arellano
Similar artists ---

Even if '77 has released a few records in the last 5 years, this is in fact my first acquaintance with these Spanish retro rockers. They have really tried to embrace a certain period in time, similar to the year that forms the name of the band. The actual sound of the record is really nice and the band is right on target with its producer Jamie Gomez Arellano. The sound quality is in comparison, now almost 4 decades later, quite different though and it definitely is of today, rather than deriving from the old days.

The song material is however absolutely on the downside, as far as I'm concerned. Most of the songs are kind of listenable, yet pretty much none of them is appealing to me or something I tend to get stuck on and in the end it feels like the tracks, all put together, mostly build a loose and drawn-out amount of songs without any real relevance.

I can't really tell if this mainly is some kind of tribute album or if it's just a result from lack of ideas, because the songs basically come out like carbon copies of what the old heavyweights, like for instance, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC did in the past. One thing is for certain though, I very much prefer listening to the originals than what this band manages to bring forth.

The vocal performance is quite suitable to the music presented, but I also think that it's too flat and without any real strength to be able to intensify the full experience. The guitar playing is, if not completely borrowed, like taken right out of the book of this type of music and although it's not weak or anything, a little bit of innovation wouldn't have hurt.

The record definitely doesn't suck big-time to be frank and they have been able to put out an effort with, at least, a will to tackle this older kind of appearance with the same degree of empathy, effect and accomplishment that it once had. At the end of the day, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us really doesn't have more than just a few moments that I would wanna show to people who listen to rock and metal and therefore my final rating lands at a mere 4 chalices for a semi-okay musical endeavor.








4 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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