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Iskald - Northern Twilight

=Staff's pick

Lokes Dans
The Last Alliance*
Surrounded By Darkness*
Warriors Of The Northern Twilight

Genre Black Metal
Simon Larsen
Tracks 5
Simon Larsen
Runningtime 24 Min.
Anders Lambersoy
Release Jan. 2006
Aage Andre Krekling
Country Norway
Simon Larsen
Similar artists Dissection, Sacramentum

Norwegian trio Iskald haven't spared the gunpowder in order to spread their words with the Northern Twilight mcd. This self produced and financed mcd has not only a cool and expensive looking booklet, cover pressed cd is also standard on Northern Twilight. It was recorded by the band and Steinar Aarsnes at Andoy Lydstudio in December 2005.

Iskald (norwegian for ice-cold) hail from northern part of Norway. A place were its constantly cold and icy, I guess. Well, how ever the weather have affected these three musicians, it is obvious that the music on Northern Twilight holds very low temperature very much like where dead angels lay down frozen. I guess that the odds for the fact that Iskald know their Dissection history aren't to high. This isn't any rip off, but it sure sounds like a more light version of Strömstads finest. Iskald perform the kind of metal that has the little extra genuine feeling. Traces from early Slayer put together with mentioned Dissection and perhaps some Enslaved are the best words to use to paint the picture of Iskald's sound. Actually it's quite good black metal with melodies that can be heard, and with melodies I mean good ones - genuine ones. Quality is the word.

With the knowledge that this band started up in 2005 and that they have made a foundation like this in in their first year of existence shows that there are ambitions with a capital A behind this. Best ones on Northern Twilights are without any doubt the Last Alliance and Surrounded By Darkness. Two songs that give you the feeling of being back in the era of '93-'95. When the studio to record in was named Unisound, when bands like Mörk Gryning, Sacramentum and Unanimated represented new musical ideals and innovative way of playing. Of course there are things that Iskald have to improve in order to become equals to mentioned bands, but they sure have taken a step in the left direction. There are not much to complain at with the composing and song writing point of view but the vocals can or could be better and the production isn't the most impressive one I've heard. But with the ambition and enthusiasm that these guys show, I'm not worried. This is a really ok and interesting debut.






6,5 chalices of 10 - Tim

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