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Frameless Scar - No Season Fits My Surroundings

=Staff's pick

18 Nine
In Me
I Fit My Surroundings*
My Philosophy

Genre Thrash/Death Metal
Jan Jespen
Tracks 4
Danni Plougstrup
Runningtime 20 Min.
Nicolaj Hansen
Thomas Falkengren
Release Dec. 2004
Michael Iversen
Country Denmark
Similar artists Dark Tranquillity, Manticora, Caliban

Frameless Scar is a Danish band that started back in 2000 under the name Joketone. Their music seems to have an equal amount of thrash, hardcore and death metal while it is mostly going back and forth between melodic death onto more aggressive hardcore, and even if they are blending it good and handling both of the genres, it is with the first melodic death parts I like them. When they switch over to a more hardcore mode the melodic sense is lost and it is all about aggression to me.

The vocals also switches between growls, clean and the typical hardcore pissed off scream and shouts and once again they loose me when they go for the last mentioned. Although they provide some serious riffing, especially in the track I Fit My Surroundings which is just brilliant. When they support their music with chugging guitars it gets too chopped up for me to really get into their songs, but when they bring out some flow and heavy riffing with great melodic breaks reminding of the Gothenburg sound, and not least older Dark Tranquillity, it is awesome.

It is competent metal Frameless Scar deliver and with some nice shifting in tempo in the songs they show that they can both play as well as write songs, but nevertheless there is some more work needed with the songwriting to make it all the way through. Most of the time everything is there, but they don't really make it over the finish line with the material. Just a little bit more pushing with the songwriting and they should be on the same level as many established bands.

Both production and mixing sound really good but something tells me that they should decide which side they should be standing on, the melodic death side or the hardcore side, or perhaps make them blend better even if I cant say how that should be done. As it is now it feels divided and it disturbs me a little that they cant decide which way to go.






6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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