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Diemonds - Never Wanna Die

Published September 14 2015

=Staff's pick

Never Wanna Die*
Hell Is Full
Over It
Ain't That Kinda Girl
Better Off Dead*
Forever Untamed*
Wild At Heart
Meet Your Maker*
Save Your Life

Genre Heavy/Hard/Sleaze Rock
Priya Panda
Tracks 10
C.C. Diemond
Running time 34 Min.
Daniel Dekay
Label Napalm Records
Adam Zlotnik
Release September 04, 2015
Aiden Tranquada
Country Canada
Producer Eric Ratz
Similar artists ---

Never Wanna Die is Diemonds' 3rd record and this is the first time ever that I get to hear what this outfit is able to come out with. This Canadian unit performs something that's mainly bordering between heavy and hard rock, even if some songs also do factually contain a few elements close to a sleaze rock appearance as well. Most of the album comes out quite positive and the music is absolutely easy to digest, rather comfortable in many ways and definitely easy-going.

Maybe I'm reacting disproportionately to some extent with the following, but I think that even though it's a short record of 34 minutes and the tempo of the individual tracks has variation, it somewhat suffers for being just a little too monotonous, since a major part of the songs kind of move forward in quite a similar style, with only a few exceptions.

The song material is rather catchy though and the songs quite quickly get stuck in my head. Regrettably that's not always for the better, since, as most of us know, instead of hitting hard immediately, a record that needs a few additional spins normally at the end of the day gains from its growth.

The vocal performance of Priya Panda sounds like it's copied from an era 3 decades back and her efforts are basically all right, although strength and power might not be her most outstanding assets. The up-tempo songs are what I find particularly most valuable on this record, because those songs contain a certain nice swing and some kind of youthful urge and hungry groove, while the other half of the songs to me are considered nothing more and nothing less than a bunch of decent songs.

Never Wanna Die is in the end a pretty good and fresh album, yet after listening to it over 10 times, I must frankly say that I feel a bit saturated of it's appearance too.








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