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Lich King - Necromantic Maelstrom

Published March 23 2008

=Staff's pick

Lich King*
Caveman Aggression (Instrumental)
Mascot War*
Bleeding And Screaming (Instrumental)
The Werewolf*
Kill Your Guts Out
Bodies On Bodies (Vio-lence Cover)
A Lesson In Violence (Exodus Cover)

Genre Thrash Metal
A Fucking Tyrannosaur
Tracks 10
Runningtime 44 Min.
The Hulk
Label Stormspell Records
Darth Vader
Release 25 Aug. 2007
Hulk Hogan
Country USA
Similar artists Exodus, F.K.Ü, Demolition Hammer

I'm pleased to pronounce that I honestly cherish and truly celebrate Thrash Metal! I'm a proud Speed Metal merchant of menace. I'm in accord with the harmonic truth resounded by the knell of Fueled By Fire, "Thrash is back!". With such talented acts as Evile, Dekapitator, Merciless Death, or Hyades championing the 80's, it is AIR apparent that there is a real thrash resurgence dawning. There is also a "horse head bookends" approach to melding humour and horror, as insane artists like F.K.Ü., Dr. Livingdead, Gama Bomb, or Municipal Waste advocate. These mosh maniacs augment crossover rhythms sanctioned by D.R.I, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, & S.O.D. with the silliness of Ludichrist, M.O.D., The Accüsed, and Mucky Pup.

Amherst, Massachusetts' powermad predators of the pernicious - Lich King embrace the frivolity, while incorporating the trademark Bay Area lessons in violence; so much so, that they even include respective covers of Exodus & Vio-lence on this CD. They even attempted Piranha on their 2006 demo. Lich King are the real deal with a penchant for panache. Each song is solidified by an aggressive razor-riff incursion, which crowns the listener's tortured skull; while each lead and lick keenly dances around the fretboard in a paroxysmal cadence.

Apparently the Lich King is a character in the popular video game - "World Of Warcraft"; although, Lichs are prominent all throughout fantasy novels, magick gatherings, and role playing persistence. He-man's opponent Skelator, or even Sauron himself have the dark caricature of a Lich King. The opening song, aptly titled, describes this fictitious necromantic Lord-like lummox through colourful illustration, and graphic imagery. Instantly, the 80'sesque production elements conjure up thrash influences from the likes of Carnivore, Bloodfeast, Juggernaut, Demolition Hammer, Nuclear Assault, Hallow's Eve, Evil Dead, Numbskull, Heathen, Blessed Death, Metal Onslaught, or fellow natives Meliah Rage.

I nearly split a stitch, injuring my back, doubled over with laughter as I read the lyrics for Mascot War. This novel concept portrays Metal's iconic mascots vehemently vanquishing renown breakfast cereal heroes. The witty palaver, and clever lyrics caustically envision a thrashssacr of senseless violence, as bodies on bodies of breakfast buddies, like Tony The Tiger, Toucan Sam, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Captain Crunch, Lucky, Trix, Diggum, and Snap, Crackle, & Pop become decimated by the likes of Flotzilla, Chaley, Vic Rattlehead, Snaggletooth, Wrex, Murray, & Eddie. In essence, the Heavy Metal Mascots mutate into psychotic killing machines - real cereal killers - hellbent on product annihilation. They are crushing, eviscerating, and clogging the pipes of the innocent in a Post apocalyptic onslaught. If you thought Coven's McDonaldland Massacre was hysterical, wait to you hear this!

There are two instrumentals, which are average, but most songs like Reavers, The Werewolf, Thrashssacr, & Kill Your Guts Out exhibit pure endemic intensity and chopping block blues. There is a definite nostalgic sentiment, as several tracks include intros from noteworthy movies. Incidentally, Thrashssacr begins with an homage to a Jackie Chan flick, but the song seldom focuses on the marshall arts.

Stormspell Records seriously involve themselves with the bands whom they sign, and Lich King is no exception. The packaging is substantial, and lyrics are included. Main band member Tom Martin painted the cover of Feed The Beast for the new Bonded By Blood CD on Earache Records. Already these ignoble jammers have debuted three new razor cuts on their Myspace page. They are killer renditions, with awesome solos, and even more humour, and wrestling references reminding me of Nasty Savage. Just hearing the little girl scream, "I love thrash metal!" on the song Thrash Resurgence, sends chills down my split spine.

If you are in search of some good, clean, friendly, violent fun, then Lich King will lick your guts clean out, only to save the skull for last. Their sonic assault is an attack of the wrath of the war on poseurs, signaling better days ahead, and a final death to metal-core!








7 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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