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This Haven - My Year Zero

=Staff's pick

The Itch*
Run Out Of Tears
My Year Zero*
The Following
Reduced Below Nothing*

Genre Stoner
Patrik Karlsson
Tracks 5
Patrik Karlsson
Runningtime 26 Min.
Tobias Jacobsson
Label ---
Johan Berglund
Release Jan. 2005
Nicklas Keijser
Country Sweden
Similar artists Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, Muse

Seriously, is a demo supposed to be this good? No, these guys should be signed a wealthy record deal immediately if you ask me. The guys in This Haven return with their second demo, and legendary producer Dan Swanö is involved at an even higher grade this time than before. The last demo Disexist (2004) made me set my expectations really high, but I could never have guessed that they would to something as amazing as this one. My Year Zero from This Haven is without a doubt the best demo I have ever heard.

This Haven plays kind of a hybrid between stoner rock, progressive metal and a touch of hardcore where the major influences as I can see are bands like Muse, Tool and Kyuss. Musically not that much has changed since last time with the exception that all has become better, and perhaps a bit more progressive elements are to be found. It is still based on emotion and heavy riffing but with more and better melodylines and not least better songwriting in general. But what has improved the most since last is the vocals, that are still not perfect but now don't suffer from being weak. Not the most powerful vocals perhaps but very good and not least perfect for the music and that is enough.

The first track starts of with a swirling guitar riff and a heavy stoner groove and sets the tone for this album as they kick off with a real killer track and this is also the best track on the album. It is heavy music with a held back aggressive attitude, with vocals similar to Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) that keep a soft and emotional vibe that binds it all together. Music filled with power, emotions, and not least the so important flow that is a constant factor throughout all of their songs combined with a heavy groove, swirling guitars and progressive Tool vibes, and that is what This Haven is about. And when they are keeping such a perfect balance between the different elements and perform the songs as such a tight band, I find their music impossible to resist.

This Haven with My Year Zero is really good, and then I don't mean that it is good for being a demo, oh no, this is really good compared to established acts.

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9 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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