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Aerosmith - Music From Another Dimension!

Published November 20 2012

=Staff's pick

Oh Yeah
Tell Me
Out Go The Lights
Legendary Child*
What Could Have Been Love
Street Jesus*
Can't Stop Loving You
Lover Alot*
We All Fall Down
Freedom Fighter
Another Last Goodbye

Genre Hard Rock
Steven Tyler
Tracks 15
Joe Perry
Running time 68 Min.
Brad Whitford
Label Sony Music
Tom Hamilton
Release 07 November 2012
Joey Kramer
Country USA
Producer See review
Similar artists ---

Producers: J. Douglas, S. Tyler, J. Perry, M. Frederiksen
Additional lead vocals: Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton.

When I think of hard rock veterans Aerosmith, in front of me I see an album with a couple or, in best case, a load of great tracks, a couple of decent ones and the regular fillers, so I start listening to this album with some distance and perspective. Fifteen tracks and sixty-eight minutes of playing time is a daring step and I believe it takes a lot of energy and willingness for the fans to really let the music flow through their ears and place itself deep in their minds. Like many albums these days, it's released in a variety of formats with for instance a deluxe edition and, read this, a fucking Wal-Mart edition. Where is our world heading to?

Music From Another Dimension! takes off with a band highly influenced by their own seventies stuff. I guess it's somewhat of an early statement to all slanderers and slammers, who destroy them for being a band who creates music for broadcasting purposes exclusively. When listening further through the record, I find influences from most of their past days, as they have created an album for most Aerosmith fans, no matter which era you dig the most. I'm unaware of what the Cryin', Amazing and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing fans have to say about that, but I assume they don't read this shit anyway, so I probably won't be tore down just by claiming this.

It's a diverse album and some songs rule and others certainly don't. Well, I saw it coming, because this album turns out to be no exception from the rest of their career's work. How many Aerosmith albums have, with hand on heart, been totally solid all through? The gospel or quire, or whatever they are called, parts are a disaster in my ears and sadly they ruin a pair of songs that would have been rather good without them. I really can't concentrate on the music when those parts fill up space and deafen my hearing.

I call this a decent release with some hard rock highlights, like eighties dominated Legendary Child, uptempo, cool and seven minute track Street Jesus and another uptempo track and also one of the first singles off the album, Lover Alot. The inevitable ballads are of course also still present to this day and to sum things up, a pair of Joe Perry songs in Freedom Fighter and Something, whom I find heavily misplaced. In my opinion, a solo release with those songs would be in order instead.








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