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Oliver Dawson Saxon - Motorbiker

Published February 29 2012

=Staff's pick

Chemical Romance
Whippin Boy
No Way Out
Just Another Suicide*
Nevada Beach
Screaming Eagles
World's Gone Crazy
Hell In Helsinki
Nursery Crimes

Genre Heavy Metal
John Ward
Tracks 12
Graham Oliver
Running time 52 Min.
Haydn Conway
Label Angel Air
Steve Dawson
Release 27 February 2012
Nigel Durham
Country England
Producer Oliver Dawson Saxon
Similar artists ---

How to do a review of Oliver Dawson Saxon's new release and not comparing it to Byford's and Quinn's Saxon with their nowadays power metal inspired heavy metal? I think I just did, but there actually is a simple and good answer: Just ignore the fact that there are two Saxons out there, just as there are two L.A Guns, two Great Whites and two Rhapsodys. This list could be longer and will probably pass infinity before music dies.

Motorbiker is a heavy album produced by the bandmembers themselves. It has a clear eighties touch as most songs sound a bit like thirty years old. Old school guitar based heavy metal with apparent riffs and solos. Something for people who dig retro and obscure bands that almost no one heard of. Dated, but not necessarily in a bad way. I've listened to the album many times this past week or so and it took awhile to suck it in and appreciate their heavy metal, and one thing is for sure; the louder you play it, the better it gets.

It's a decent record with a couple of good songs. For instance, the title track and a ballad called Just Another Suicide, as well as heavy song Sinternet, which deals with Facebook, other shit in the cyber world and Big Brother watching you. And what would an album like this be without a true guitar solo? We get a seventy-eight seconds elegant homage to old times called Screaming Eagles.

So is Motorbiker worth spending your hard earned money on? If you trust my judgment and you like this music just described, I think it maybe is. If you're into new, produced to perfection heavy metal, probably not. I will go for five chalices to end up somewhere in between, because this release's grade could easily go either up or down, depending on the person rating it and the listener's choice.

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5 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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