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Celesty - Mortal Mind Creation

Published Dec. 05 2006

=Staff's pick

Lord Of Mortals
Demon Inside
War Creations*
Empty Room
Among The Dreams
Back In Time
Last Sacrifice

Genre Power Metal
Antti Railio
Tracks 9
Teemu Koskela
Runningtime 45 Min.
Tapani Kangas
Label Dockyard1
Ari Katajamäki
Release 23 Oct. 2006
Jere Luokkamäki
Country Finland
Juha Mäenpää
Similar artists Sonata Arctica

There are good power metal bands and there are bad ones (if you choose to define the genre as it looks today and not by the original meaning of the term, but that's another story). Timeless Miracle, Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica belong to the first group while Celesty, despite being pretty ok on previous albums, nowadays has to be placed in the latter.

Where are the songs? There are the the occasional good riff (War Creation, Back In Time) but you don't build a whole song on that. It sounds overall very expressionless, plastic and does not stir any feelings whatsoever in me when listening to it. I don't have access to much promotional documentation, but some big chances must have taken place in the band or the lineup of it, or otherwise they have just run out of inspiration and/or lost the skills they once had.

This does not lead to anything and is a stereotype of second class, saggy power metal when it is at its worst. Add to this that the vocals are weak, quite often off the right tones, overall not really fitting and the fact that it sounds like the singer is insecure on how to approach the whole thing - and you realise that this is a lost case. Back to the rehearsal room, Celesty. Do it again and do it better. Personality, pondus and especially strong and vital songs are the keywords I am looking for next time.

Footnote: If you in any way want to contribute to wiping away some of the bad reputation power metal has got lately, then you do not record and release a song such as Arrival.

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3 chalices of 10 - Tommy

I have played this CD several times, and I really like it. True, many power metal bands are beginning to sound too similar. Celesty transcend this, through their reign of elemental expertise. Continuing the concept they began two album previously, and still blending a legacy of hateful speed and melody, this unreal war leaves its lasting sacrifice on the mortal. The vocals may not be too soaring, and the keyboard and ballads are a bit too much; but if you like Axenstar, Crystal Eyes, Guardians Of Time, and especially Gaia Epicus, then experience the mind creation. //Michael the MettleAngel (7 of 10)

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